A for Amour-a parisian love story

This post is being written as part of the 'Blogging from A to Z April Challenge' and it's my second outing. Here, we go for letter 'A for Amour' where my theme is 'Romance (Short) stories. I hope you will enjoy my first entry on the first day of April.

It was during the holiday when I roamed freely the streets of Paris, longing for romance. I stood at Pont au Double, admiring lovers kissing freely and holding hands. I lit a cigarette when she approached me, asking for light. She pulled her hair with her hands and smiled.
She asked, 'Vous parlez francais?' (You speak French)
'Un peu,' (A little), I say.
We got talking and met over coffee, letting ourselves free on the Parisian streets and Champ Elysee. Ines, that's her name. She invited me to her apartment, we made love to each other, kissing passionately. We had everything going for us and the world didn't matter to us. Love couldn't be more perfect than this. Ines knew English for she studied and lived in United States for five years.
Once she asked, "You know, may be we won't be each other forever. What would you do?
"I don't know. I prefer not think about it."
I was happy living in the moment for my 'amour' (love in French). Elisa calls me 'amour.' I was losing control over the self, drawing myself to her despite knowing that we were momentarily enjoying each other's company. Once, I asked her why she is dancing with that guy in the pub.
She turned around, "Amour! I think we have a pact that we would enjoy every moment with each other and we both know that it's not forever."
"Still! I protested."
"Amour! I love you. You are the guy who makes me feel special. But, why take load?
I walk away from her, kicking my shoes in frustration/
Ines didn't return my call for days. Perhaps, it was time to call it quits. I was three weeks away from leaving France. Her weird behavior was killing me deep inside. I dropped at her apartment where I spent days and night to see the door bolted from inside. I got the hint. Perhaps, Ines found another lover. I left a letter from her, 'Amour! We spent wonderful moments together and shall always cherish the moments of love, kissing and wonderful memories you gave me.  I wish you luck and I am sure you found someone better. I left the letter and a red rose in her letter box.
I traveled to France in train enjoying the scenery, from Lyon to Bordeaux. Somehow, I extended my stay for three months since something was amiss in life. I felt incomplete without her.
I visited the cafe we first met and kissed, ordered a coffee in the Parisian winter, smoking like chimney. I again became a regular at the cafe, engrossed in the memory of Ines, the times we spent together and hoping she will come again.
One day, an elderly man patted me on the back. I turned around and he asked, 'Looking for someone?'
Uhmmm! Yes! May be! Actually No!, I stammered.
Ines?' he asked.
I was bewildered and asked, 'How do you know?' 
The gentleman eyed me and said, 'Ines left this parcel for you. She loved you a lot and hope you will forgive her. Please don't throw away the memories. She died to cancer two weeks ago. She didn't want you to suffer and asked you to find love. Gosh! I am missing my daughter.'
The old man, wiped a tear, patted my back and walked away. I was speechless. I packed my bag on the same day and took my flight, thinking about the priceless moments with amour.

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