Y for Yes! I am in Love

This post Y-Yes! I am in Love is written on Day 25 as part of 'Blogging from A to Z April Challenge (2015) for http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com/

There are always a second chance in life.  Don't ever shy away from falling in love again. This catch phrase didn't make sense to me one year back when we broke up and coming from the ex, it added salt to injury. I wouldn't believe it till I met Nikita at Juhu Chowpatty.
It started off in a casual manner, holding hands and walking by the sea waves that pulled our hair in different direction, cuddling and stealing kisses. It was fun, sneaking out during the night to go on long drives, whooshing past the cops at Bandra in the wee hours and dashing to sit on the rocks, watching the sea waves crash. We love sitting on the rocks, holding each other tight and enveloped in intimacy, stroking her breast and she caressing my face and lip. It was a beautiful feeling. We would smooch till the early morning and I would zoom, breaking traffic signal to drop her to the apartment at Lokhandwala at 6.am. She would climb over the balcony and change into her pyjama pretending to sleep.
We would spend our nights exchanging sms-es, phone calls waking up each other in the morning and in no time, we became dependent and whispering sweet nothings. Perhaps, it was the season to fall in love and no matter how hard we tried to ward it off, the virus has already broken our immunity in matters of the heart. We mutually decided to enjoy the moments and exceed the limit of intimacy, exploring zones no one would ever dare. But, love, no way!!! After all, Nikita was nursing a break-up that blew her top and I was yet to recover from my disappointment of an intense love that went awry.
"MBA! Walli," I teased her about her post-grad she is doing at S.P Jain Institute, reminding how those B-Schools only teach how to make money and indulging in white collar crime. Nikita retorted, "What about you? Theater student who does nothing except putting an act to fool idiots who spend time clapping hands."
We were sitting at Bandra station and I did an act that left both of us speechless. I grabbed her hand, "So, you don't love your natak wala, my baby," I bend and kissed her. She was flustered and avoided my gaze, "I don't know. It's weird. We promised not to fall in love but things have gone beyond our control.
It's happening to both of us. We can't stop it. Away from each other, we longed for each other's presence, touch and voice. I couldn't comprehend what was happening to us. I resisted the feeling in the start with tears, telling to the soul, "What's wrong with me? It cannot be happening in real. After all, I vowed not to fall in love and why this irresistible urge." The bells are tinkling in my heart and find myself humming mushy songs, smiling for no reason and being nice to everyone."
Finally, it happened. Yes! I am in love. I wrote poems for Nikita since the past day.
Today, she skipped her Finance lectures to sit with me at Marine Drive, S, holding my arms and resting her head on my shoulder, admiring the sea waves slapping us hard on our faces. "Is it the sign of love?", I ask.
She smiles,"Yes! I am in love, too. Let's fall in love since we can never know what's in store for us tomorrow." We embrace each other.

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