Kiss of life and love

This post is written as part of http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com/ Blogging from A to Z April Challenge (2015). Today is Letter K for Kiss on Day 11.

Holding the stranger women close to him and gently care holding her waist, he eyes her features as she moves the glass of whisky an inch closer to his lip. He took a sip and stroke her lip with his finger, slowly cupping his face towards her nose, touching her face with his hand. She smiles seductively while slightly moving away from him on the dance floor. She was a seductress. He held her hand and drew her towards him. She pushed her mouth on his, indulging in a long passionate kiss.
It was the kiss of love. He was drawn to her sheer power and her lip would drive him crazy, the energy displayed by her affectionate kiss rendered him powerless. He thought it was the magic of love yet the first smooch saw him slipping every time, they indulged into intimacy. They get sunk into the language of kiss, exploring each other's mouth and gaping for breath. After all, the relation resumed to long kisses in the open air, rave parties and the room, far from the glares of people. They shunted people away from their lives and made the kiss their oyster.
Kiss can be poisonous. It was their last kiss as they bade farewell to the world. Lying on the floor, the kissed their way to passionate intimacy and he was oblivious to the toxic substance she held on her lip, as they kissed during the wee hours of the night. Like the Neelkanth, their throat burned and turned blue. They held each other tight, lips sealed and breathed their last.
It was the most passionate kiss. She knew deep inside that she ain't never let him go and sneaked inside the kitchen, smeared the substance of death before walking back to sit on his lap. She gave him the most memorable kiss that sealed their lives into eternity.  It was the kiss of life and love.

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