M for Marriage Proposal

Today is Day 13 and letter M for Marriage Proposal for the Blogging from A to Z Challenge (April 2015). You can check out for more on: http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com/

Mom scolded me, "At least see the girl. There is no harm in meeting in it and who knows, it may be your match." I pretend to ignore her rant. We've been fighting since the past few days when the pandit brought the proposal home about the girl from Delhi and I am using every trick in the book to avoid meeting this nameless girl. 
"Mom. She is not from Mumbai!"
"Fine," Mom says. "Remain a bachelor for the whole of your life. No sane girl would like to marry an ageing guy." Mom's words pierced through my heart and it left me wondering whether I am getting older by the day as I am nearing in my 30s. Why does marriage scares me so much, I ask. I am pondering why parents keep threatening us with dire consequences of dying a bachelor. After all, my freedom matters. I don't want to jump in the fire of hell. Stay strong, I tell myself.
During the evening, I tell Mom that I am going to Goa for few days and I saw her fuming. "What about the girl?"
I stand near the door and innocently says, "What girl? Oh! She can wait."
Mom is sarcastic, "Of course, you are Lord Krishna."
I scamper down the stairs and hail a rickshaw, "Andheri station."
It was past midnight when I boarded the local train to CST and, made my Goa tickets in a hurry. I call some pals,"See you guys in Goa by tomorrow afternoon, I hope."
I can hear cuss words at the other end of the phone, cursing me for  calling out of the blue and informing them in the middle of the night that I will be in Goa the next day. I reach Goa in the afternoon and took a bus to Anjuna Beach. Standing atop, I watch the sea waves and breeze which gives me a sense of peace, cut off from the reality of my life. The perks of being a writer of rom-com. I've been racking my brain to weave characters and make my novel see the light of the day. I lit a cigarette. I walked down the beach when I saw her, looking at the sea breeze. I wink at her. She is furious. "Amrita," I say.
She gave me a threatening look, "Stop doing that."
I caress her body, run my finger on flat belly. She is sexy in the green bikini. She slaps me on my hand, "You know what? You are crazy. I wonder why I am doing all these things and sacrificing my life, sister and parents for your novel."
I held her close to me and kiss her. "Babe!Relax. Let the novel come out. It's about us."
"Shut up, Karan. You are taking undue advantage of the fact that I love you and can never say no. How nicely you planned everything to create characters. I think I am just a character in your life."
I pacify her, "Babe, I love you."
She ignores me. She is right. I took six months to convince her to get her parents meet the priest and convince them about her younger sister marriage to a good family. I knew how the game would unfurl. It was my doing, I know. The priest came with the proposal of Amrita's sister marriage Mom. The fight with Mom was a well-planned strategy which I noted in my diary, giving me shades of an innocent boy. I would reject the proposal after a few days. I have already got the grip for my best-selling novel."
During the evening, I propose Amrita and slid the emerald ring in her finger. I made love to her that night. I introduced her as my would be wife to my friends in Goa. We went back home and told Mom about her. She finally agreed to our marriage after I coaxed Mom and made up things that the proposal brought by the Pandit is not working and there is already someone in the life of the girl. 
Six months later, my novel, "Marriage Proposal in Goa" came out and climbed the charts among the top ten best selling rom-coms. I am engaged to Amrita. Sometimes, I think there is a streak of evil among creative writers who hack plans for their own benefit. But, I am no saint but only human who has selfish motive to achieve ends, unknown to the world and fans. 

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