C-Crush story

The post is written as part of 'Blogging from A to Z April Challenge.' Today is Day 3 and I am writing on letter C-Crush story.' Hope you like it.

C-Crush Story

It was the summer of 2000. Aniket was whining his time away on Orkut when he added Sonali to his friends list out of sheer boredom. He flirted with her, telling how beautiful she is and at first, she ignored his compliment. Slowly, they started chatting with each other and Sonali responded to his advances, sending smileys and teased him about his intentions.

Aniket: I think I got a crush on you, Sonali.

Sonali: What makes you think I will believe in what you say?

Aniket: Should I jump atop a building to prove it to you?

Sonali: Cliche!

Sonali ignored his frantic messages.

Two days later, Sonali replied: Listen! I am not interested for a long time relationship. Game for a fling?!

Aniket couldn't believe his eyes and went blank for few minutes, stareding at the chat icon.

Sonali: Hello! What happened?

Aniket: No! Nothing.

Sonali: See! Let's meet up at a place of my choice and on my terms. After that, we will not contact each other and I am not giving my phone number.

The date was set. Aniket waited for the whole day, cursing himself that he has been fooled by Sonali, abandoning all hope of meeting Sonali. It was just another nightmare. Forget it, he told himself.

At 8 p.m, he got a call from Sonali, "Hey! Take the train and not car, come straight to Andheri station and from there, hail a cab to Leela. You will not speak to anyone.

When Aniket reached Leela at 10.30 p.m, he saw a tall girl in blue denims and her hair was falling on the shoulder. "Gosh! She looks super hot and more beautiful than on her profile picture." he thought.
Sonali didn't say Hi and came straight to the point, "Quickly follow me!," she ordered as they were led inside the luxurious room. One thing before we start, "At 6 in the morning, you silently sneak out of the room." Aniket nodded.

The light was switched off and Sonali whispered to him, "Baby! Let me see how passionate lover you are." They made love to each other that night, surpassing all limits.
Sonali disappeared from Aniket's life and she blocked him on Orkut.

Three months later:

Aniket was having tea one sunny afternoon at the tapdi near Rajabhai Tower in Fort when he saw someone staring at him. The tall and specky guy, dressed in tie walked up to him, "Aniket?"

"Raj", Aniket shouted. Both Aniket and Raj were childhood friends in Dadar where they grow up together and the latter left for Delhi. They've been out of touch. "I just came from Delhi and happily settled in Mumbai," Aniket hugged his friend.

"Come! Let's go home. I'll introduce you to my wife," Raj dragged Aniket to his plush bungalow in Bandra."

"Jaan! Come out fast. Where are you? I will introduce you to my childhood buddy, I keep boring you with his tale and today is the day to meet him."

A soft voice murmured, "I am coming."

Raj patted Aniket, "Here, she is."

Aniket got a bolt from the blue, It was Sonali dressed in an attractive and shiny red saree.

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