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Light my heart!O thy Beauty!
When puts your lofty feet on the ground, you spray the perfume of lifein an otherwise polluted Mumbai.
Your are the epitome of beauty and good vibes.
Is that love?
I nurtured feelings of positivity, the love lorn of a disturbed lover.
Yet!It's not love or is it?
Love with detachment.
You seems to be an enigma.
Like the butterfly spreading its nectar on the crest of seawaves,
your light scatters gems and honey on the polluted smoke.
Nazreen! Your name is almost poetic and belongs to the Almighty.
There is divinity in your voice,
You presence is divine magic.
Are you an angel who shrivels the moistures in the atmosphere?
You are everything a man can ask for yet are within reach of the ordinary mortals.
You are so complex yet so beautiful.
You personify the beauty of life.
Till love and longer never remain the same,
You cannot be love for it kills the beauty of life.

This poem is inspired from this very beautiful girl I met in Barista, CST Mumbai. I was struck by her beauty. No, I wasn't in love with Nazreen but was awestruck by her beauty. Almost, statuesque in appeal. One could call it a crush and perhaps more that. I worshipped her beauty.
Cheers, Nazu
Happy Friday
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