Kasakai Mumbai-part 1

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Mumbai..my city my life. A fantasy yet so complex like life. Life is full of complexities, isn't it? A city that never ceased to amaze me, its fast life, its people and the surprised thrust forward. I fell in love with the place the second time and since then, I became a Mumbaikar. We share a love-hate-love relationship. me and my Mumbai. At one shot, it's the most amazing place on earth, then city life gets too much on me and the need to break away from maximum city. Then, I start missing the place. Why God made you that way, Dear Mumbai.
Alas!No matter how much we complain that we are the soft target of terror, the lack of proper infrastructure or water logging problem, we love the city. The fact that we are a Mumbaikar makes us gloom. Sitting at Marine Drive and admiring the stillness of water and thinking over the meaning of life. The silence makes us realize how alone we are in the world but suddenly the wave reminds one is not alone. The city has such a big heart that it embraces everyone. We realize how fortunate we are to be in the city that never sleeps.
It's a nice that moves at an unparalled speed that one may feel that he or she may never catch this fast train. Well, some call it the spirit of Mumbai. A world of 2 extremes, a world in itself. At one minute, you are in Mulund, next in Andheri and the flick of seconds at Churchgate. That's why we are called the fastest city in India. Our resilience is lauded. The way we stand on our feet 24 hours after a blash shook our city. Are we a myth or the city has moulded us to become like that. Very complex question to perhaps an even bigger complex answer. Sometimes, an answer is not a means to an end. Our lives is not governed by rules.
No matter how much a localite will crib about his Mumbai, he will not stand shit against his city. Do that at your own risk. Screw you!!That's Mumbai for you, the city that never sleep. We are so used to the hardship yet we smile.
As a Mumbaikar we are proud. We are proud of our huge buildings, BEST buses, local trains, yellow and black cabs, proud of our stars and cricketeers..proud that Amitabh Bachchan, Sachin Tendulkar and Dhirubhai Ambani are Mumbaikars..we won't trade them for anything or any other city. Mumbai is our love. We just love the city for its intricacies..We love Leopold, the maddening crowd, the slums--it makes us content deep inside that Dhairavi is the biggest slum in the city.
We love our Mumbai. I love my Mumbai.
It's a city that has a soul.
Ruthless yet beautiful.
Artrogant but complex.
This is my Mumbai.
The greatest drama on earth.
If only you were human.
Were you a woman, I will never wake up.
We would embrace each other and sleep.
Love you maximum city.

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