Review of Murder: Grippiing, fast paced thriller

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Hey folks, this apppeared on the Monday issue of The Independent Daily. My second stint as a film critic. Me watched Mahesh Bhatt's Murder on Friday and filed the story on Sunday. Three and a half stars. So far, the feedback has been good and looking to share my take on Murder 2 with all of you.

Movie Review: Murder 2
Gripping, racy and fast paced thriller
Three and a half stars
Cast: Emraan Hashmi, Jacqueline Fernandez, Sulagna Panigrahi, Sudhanshu Pandey, Prashant Narayanan and Yana Gupta.
Director: Mohit Suri
There are lots of expectations when a sequel is made and Mohit Suri’s Murder 2 scores over the prequel. The month of July is mint for cine buffs as we witnessed the releases of two equally lovable, exciting movies, Bbudah Hogaa Tera Baap and Delhi Belly.Murder 2 ensures that the party is not over yet.
Set in Goa, Murder is the story of a former corrupt cop, Arjun (Emraan Hashmi) who serves the mafia and flesh trade lords, Priya (Jacqueline Fernandez) who is in love with Arjun, Reshma (Sulagna Panigrahi) a college girl turning to prostitution to support her life and Dheeraj ( Prashant Narayen) a psychotic killer.
The film starts with the murder of a call girl. Arjun is entrusted with the task to find out the real killer. As the drama unfolds itself, it takes off at break necking speed, keeping the viewer glued to its seat. One is anxious to know who is behind the gruesome murders as several girls disappear. The sequence of events, one after the other is heart pounding and director Mohit Suri does a fine job in maintaining the suspense and in keeping the surprise element alive.
The main aspect which makes a film work both at the critical and the audience level is the script. The story penned by Shagufta Rafique is crisp, brings the different characters alive on the silver screen. Kudos to her for writing such a beautiful script and making it work at every level. Director Suri proves once again his talent in manning the different characters with grey shades. Both Rafique and Suri combine their talent to make Murder 2 one of the most edgy, fast paced thrillers ever told in the history of Hindi cinema.  Emraan Hashmi proves his credibility as an actor and shows that he has been consistently improving films after films. He gives a wonderful performance in Murder 2. Jacqueline Fernandez is fine and exudes her oomph factor. Sulagna Panigrahi gives a notable performance. Murder 2 also marks the big come back of the villain on screen, something which has been missing for years. Prashant Narayen as Dheeraj essays the role played by the powerful Ashutosh Rane in Sangharsh and stole the show. His performance is one of the most beautiful performance as he hums,’bheege hont tere’. One just need to sit and watch him perform. He is frightening, scary and sick.
On the flip side, the second half drags a bit as Arjun keeps looking for Reshma and one wonders whether she will be found. It takes away the interest so successfully build up by Mohit Suri in the first half. However, it gets back on track soon after that. Some scenes appear to be absolutely unnecessary and could have been easily chopped off at the editing table. Wish the director could do away with the scene of the influential eunuch entering the police station to release Dheeraj.
It is a fast paced thriller, carries good editing and brilliant close up shots on Emraan, Jacqueline, Prashant and Sulagana ensures that it carries repeat value. In Murder, Suri takes the bold scenes to an extreme level. A word of caution: do not bring your kids along as Murder 2 contains several bold, erotic and some violent scenes. On the whole, Bhatt’s Murder should not be missed for its powerful script, astounding performances and skillful direction. 
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