F***, Monday hangover resurfaces

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Waking up on the first day of the week, I rave, oh!it's Monday and how about sharing the booty with everyone. Hmm! It is always painful to get out of the bed and no matter what time, I fix the alarm, I always wake up one hour late and the alarm keep screeching to an irritating level. It seems to tell, hey dude, for how long will you make me work for you. I'm not your godamn servant. As I wake up, I shut him down, telling fuck you alarm, I paid a bomb paying for this cellphone which you are an intrinsic part and m gonna rule you. Even if you wanna get laid, you shall seek my fucking permission.
The past week which elapsed yesterday saw me enjoying two consecutive off days, Saturday and Sunday which my nice boss gives me every alternative days. Spent my time reading, blogging and watching a nice DvD movie. As Monday creeps in, it makes me damn lazy to work in office as I suffer the Monday blues. It always happens when I enjoy 2 consecutive off days and sometimes I would prefer to work on Sunday so that I don't suffer the office hangover. Guess, the time I reach office, I shall attack whatever tasks is there to fight the Monday hangover. Such typical morning, I always wake up with Fuck it's Monday!!!!!
Courage boy!Atta boy!!!Courage! I have reasons to be courageous and take heart as on Wednesday I shall be at home and singing altogether a new song to my blogdosts. It reminds me of some interesting posts which shall find its way here. For example, I wanna post something on Things to do before You Die!!! Yesterday, I almost started the post but at the risk of sounding boring, I chucked it out. I need to work it and meet the Self and think of things I wanna do. Log in on Wednesday for a super-duper, interesting post on blogspot, dear blog dosts. I must confess I've seen something on a the blog of a very famous, prolific writer and shall adapt it here with my own likes and dislikes. Ahhh! which reminds me that I need to comment on da blog of friends as well as interesting blogs in the making.
I shall survive the day.
Happy Monday
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