Terror strikes again

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I am going to be strictly short with this post. Yes! Another terror attack strike Mumbai, the financial capital city and once again, South Mumbai has been the soft target. For sure, this ain't be the last coz we have never learned our lessons. God knows when we will learn our lessons.
I am boiling inside, hurt. my ego and pride is hurt. I am proud of my city coz it boosts my ego as a Mumbaikar. I don't know whether I should be proud or not of maximum city and the spirit of Mumbai. We are fantastic people and yet we are urged to show our resilience coz people look up to us, The spirit of Mumbai. I have several questions to ask and shall do it tomorrow.
Just sharing a piece of information. Please people spread the information coz we don't know who will need the help.
Mumbai Blasts: Emergency Numbers: 022-22621855, 022-22621983, 022-22625020, 022-22641449, 022-22620111

Mumbai serial blasts: Hospital helplines: KEM (022-24136051), Nair (022-23085379), Harkishandas (23855555 / 30095555), Saifee (22 6757 0111)

Please Spread this Msg all across the wall! u may never know someone might find it useful....Take Care Mumbai...
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