Move On

Perhaps, it's time for you get a life after break-up. You've survived too much on this relationship where you stopped living, ceasing to be your real self and and loss of individuality is taking a toll on your life. Face it: You have turned into an emotional wreck where you are hanging on memory and blaming yourself for everything that didn't work out. Still stuck to the past and losing yourself, it's time to Move On. Do better things in life because you are worth more than just a break up, no matter how much long you've been together. Be real. Both of you are no longer together. Go and embrace your world for he or she belong to the past. It is a tough call after spending such a long time with someone but are you are planning to meditate over your break up or abandon the world by sitting on the mountains.

1. Pent up emotions

There are several pent up emotions that you haven't told you partner when you were in a relationship or during the break up phase. You need to release the energy or else it can afflict you for a long time. No, I am not suggesting you do a Kareena or Shahid in Jab We Met, calling your ex and spewing dirty cuss words in Hindi. Write in a diary imagining you are speaking to your ex, close the door in house after making sure there is no one else and imagine both of you are face to face, tell them the truth on their face. Flush everything, discard the letters, whatsapp messages or G chat. Feel free and empty your cup.

2. Friends

Nopes! I am not saying that you sulk and sit to watch friends on DvD or You Tube, with alcohol bottle by your side. Hit it off with your gang of friends, party hard and flirt with that handsome dude or hot chick at the pub or disc. Make the most of the time lost with friends when you were in a relationship. Good friends are the ones who always stand with us through thick and thin. They are the best ones who support us to move on through madness and thrill. Renew your bond of friendship for it makes lasting memories.

3. Write a book
Yes! You need to move away from the emotions that's holding you in the head and refusing to see life in a refreshing manner. There are many things one can do in the newly found single status. Write a book, a room com, anthology or a collection of poems. Writing is a good therapy after the break up, trust me. Even if it means writing on your past relationship, do it. Who knows you may rake up the moolah! Let the characters speak and take your revenge. 

4. Productive activities
You wanted to do yoga, aerobic or pursue Reiki but that relationship was stopping. Now, that you are no longer in a relationship, indulge yourself and take care of your mental and physical. ME time can be a luxury that you can afford, Do meditation, go on a travel spree, spa things up and do things that your heart tells you. Spice your life with love offered by nature and you can well do without your ex-flame. Read good books, listen to awesome music and renew bonds with your loved ones. Just bulge your ass and conquer the world.

5. Meet new people
There is no such thing than meeting new people that gives you a sense of purpose and fulfillment in life. People come uninvited in our lives at the right time and teaches us sense of wisdom that makes us love and embrace life like anything. Never shy away from meeting new friends and indulge in soulful conversation over coffee. I made super awesome people in coffee shops and striking conversation that made me have a super duper outlook about life. Makes no mistake: It's a superb therapy to move on to better things in life.

6. Shopping
I always find shopping to be very therapeutic and makes the soul super happy. Indulge in the designer bag, branded watch, funky shoes, books, DvDs, jeans, tee and jewelery. Its a list for both dudes and babes. Be yourself and go on a shopping spree. Go mad and take your time, selecting stuffs that will make you jazzy.

7. Just Dance
Dancing can be very soulful, fulfilling and a source of happiness. Hit the disco, get drunk and dance till your drop to the latest chart busters in the wee hours of the morning. Dance with the gang or alone, how does it matter? Bare your soul out and be crazy, stomping on the dance floor. The world doesn't matter and it's only you. Put loud music in your flat and dance as if there is no tomorrow. After all, who needs someone when you can dance your way to heaven.

8. Never say no to love
Love always deserves a second chance. Meet new men and women, hit it off and a break up is no reason to shy away from falling in love or date for the heck of it. Don't get stuck in a relation that is buried in the past and who knows the next guy or gal may just be the one waiting for love. In love, we believe.

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