How I spent the remaining few days at work

I can breathe, I can dance, I can party!! I wanna pen the lyrics of this song that echoes the state of mind and celebrate life. As many of you are aware and if you have read my Facebook feed, I resigned last Monday and Thursday was my last date in office, informing them to cut one month salary for not giving notice.
What led to my resignation as Special Correspondent of a publication is quite a story that I intend to write as a novella some other day and yeah, it's been quite a story. Unfortunately, I didn't part on the best of note and let's keep that for another day. How I spent my last few days or hours as a journalist shall interest you in  a way and thankfully, it's been good-the last few hours or days of assignment-in terms of coverage, networking and dinner.
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Day One: Monday

-Covered a non-sensical event on Monday where the Minister's speech was boring and between bad speech, irrelevant grammar and bad pronunciation where he was eating his words, I prayed for coffee break. Met a former colleague who is now serving at an NGO and we discussed how the profession is facing the brunt of recession with people preferring to read news online.

- Had a discussion with the CEO on my resignation that enraged me and choose not to reply to his stupid antics. He took it personally and I let his ego speak for it's pointless to argue with fools.

Day Two: Tuesday

-Reached office as a good boy and get set to work on the last assignments for the week. I enjoyed reading a survey released by HSBC on the on the best place to live in the world for expats. I had too much fun reading and working on the document. I love doing such stuffs.

Day Three: Wednesday:

-Informed office that I shall be working from home, finalizing few pages for the magazine and sending to the 'editor' in office. 

-Attended my last official event for the financial results of a leading hotel group, boasting of huge profit. I love such meet for networking purpose where one gets the opportunity to brush shoulders with leaders and exchanging visiting cards. It really helps one in career and I need to send my CV to few people I met. It was good meeting new people and having snippet of conversation. Networking works big time when you are thinking of the next career move and it helps big time more than sending thousands job applications.  

Day Four: Thursday

-Here it goes. It's the last day at work and after wrapping up things, writing the last story and helping in the production of the magazine in terms of fitting stories on the software, working the headlines, it was time to clear the table. Thankfully, there was not much stuffs to discard as they have just shifted office. It was time to say bye to everyone and wishing best.

-I tagged along with a colleague for a cocktail and dinner event where I enjoyed amazing Malaysian cuisine. It's exquisite, yummy and mouth watering. The sweets melted in the mouth and watching the chef making peculiar way of breaking the egg on his wrist, mixing it with mutton and cheese in the wheat dough to give shape to the stuffed roti prata is unique. Adding to that, lovely and simple Malay Biryani made the heart happy. I was full to the hilt.

-Met a friend who was catching up at the hotel with colleagues over drink and he dropped me home. It saved me the ordeal of waiting for office transport which is quite an uphill task.

It's was 14 months of doing good work, writing and doing the running around to adhere to deadline in the newspaper industry. I doff my hat in pride that I have maintained the highest decorum of professionalism and learning so much on the format of writing in magazine, read feature stories, which is a far cry from newspaper format. I am on a short break and will try something completely new, a kinda transition job.

Post script: 
Sitting at home and doing nothing. It's been four days of awesomeness and reading stuffs. I met my cousin sister who came down from UK and she left yesterday. Quite a few writing stuffs to do and catching up with movies and, of course, writing in the diary where I intend to jot the list of my small, medium and long term career goals on where I wanna see myself. Time for self-introspection.
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