Lost days

It started off with a conversation with a college mate based in Nepal with whom I shared a hate relationship during that time and as we hit a mature note, we hit off to understand each other towards the end of college. I stayed in his Pune apartment, the time I was planning to leave for Pune. It's been nine years from now where we spoke about the memorable days that we sorely miss. It got me emotional and penned this poem that I shared on Facebook last week.

It was the best of times; I fucked up, blurted out rubbish and behaved stupidly;
Fell in love many times, the first crush plays in the head like Beatles song, And In the End, the Love We Take Is Equal To the Love We Make.
Carefree days and innocence,
friendship made and carved.
Getting stoned and drunk every Saturday,
we lived every moment of life;
The 'Fuck' word was our swan song and used in every mundane conversation.
Quibbles and fights with mates for we were immature.
Give me back those days;
I wanna blurt out nonsense, be stupid and immature again, fall for the wrong person;
Following the heart and indulging in ludicrous antics;
I wanna be this child again;
Oh! Memories;
How I wish to time travel, fuck up and be stupidly awesome.
Those days were bliss!!
Missing college life terribly.
Dedicated to all my college pals at Fergusson College and everyone who had the best of times in college, was stupid, and has now ceased to be.

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