Blind Date: What To and not To Do!

You've been spending hours and sleepless nights chatting on Facebook and whatsapping naughty jokes, sharing sweet nothings and romantic notes.  The time is ripe to see each other in flesh. I've been on a couple of blind dates in the past during my 20s and most of the time, nothing came out of it with Hi and Bye while the last time, A gifted me a Steve Martini book and a kiss, of course, on the cheek. What to do and not to do on a blind date.

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1. Time and place to meet, Your's or Mine

A was very obstinate and told me in no equal terms that she is the one who will decide when and where we will meet. The decision was her's and I only insisted that we need to meet before I move to Pune. The trick lies in making sure about the identity of the person and to ensure that you are not speaking to a perv or someone playing tricks on you. We were speaking on phone at a time where there was no FB or Whatsapp, shedding pocket money on chota recharge.
Always make sure that you meet in a place filled with people so that you are not stranded or the person acts smart with you. Honestly, I was a bit tense and can't remember what I wore, though we agreed on what and how we will look like. She had short hair and was dressed in a Kurti on denim. We entered a restaurant for Cola-the time I was drinking the beverage-and made a quick exit in her car. We kissed in the car, on her cheek, you naughties.

2.  Dress well but don't over do

I always believe that it's important to dress in what one is comfy for the first or blind date. You don't need to be jazzy or going over the top to kill. Over dressing can be an absolute no no and may scare off the other person. Keep in mind that both of you are strangers and not friends who would tolerate each other's garish clothes. It's a major put off to see someone be dressed over the top and lacking basic fashion sense. For guys or gals, simplicity works. I always believe in putting a nice tee or shirt on the denim, not those tight jeans that you would not able to sit or move your assets.

3. Keep the conversation simple

It's the first step and don't step on his or her toe on the first date itself. Being over friendly on a blind date and acting over smart to know everything, be it, first boy friend, ex-es, family and friends and sex life can make people run away from you. You will sound like a despo. It's very important not to monopolize the conversation and let the person speak as well. Keep the date short because at some point, both of you may go into silent mode and not knowing what to say.

4. Take time to be comfortable
Don't be stressed and take few minutes to settle yourself, between ordering coffee and striking the conversation. Sometimes, simple things like comment on the weather or city life may help to break the ice. Since, it's a first date, both of you may feel a bit out of place and stressed out. Just chill and be yourself, before you start speaking. You are not meeting after registering profiles on shaadi.com or some match making that you need to get hitched. Take your own time and if it works, build the relationship over time.

5. Avoid intimate, over touching gestures

It's a blind date and you can greet each other with a firm handshake, a kiss or a hug but avoid holding the person tight. It may also cause uneasiness if you constantly touch your date with hands or shoulders. It's an absolute No to go for smooch or getting intimate during the first date for it will spell doom and a recipe for disaster. Trust me, it might kill a relationship that has the chance of having a long leash of life and will, ultimately, turn out in it being a very casual affair or both of you end up being fuck buddies.

6. Recognizing each other 
It's quite easy to recognize each other when both of you are meeting for the first time. While, it is normal to describe what each other will wear and descriptions such as hair style or  height, what will happen if there is another person with the same set of description. The trick lies in one of you coming early and sitting in a particular place in a crowded cafe and whatsapping where you are sitting or standing. Always stand up, call the name before greeting the person.

7. Place to catch up
The best place to meet your blind date is in a cafe or open space where there is no hazard or being exposed to unpleasant surprises. Never ever make the mistake of going for a movie together or some crazy folks planning to meet in a hotel room. It can be very dangerous with people pretending to be someone else, hiding behind Facebook or a phone. Always be safe and enjoy the game of flirting and, of course, don't over do it.

A blind date is an amazing game of dating and catching up, sharing if both of you can hit it off. Have fun but at the same time, enjoy the blind date and trust me, it's damn fun.


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