Revolutionary Pen: Murder of innocence

Revolutionary Pens is a Facebook initiative by Soumya Mohanty Vilekar  where artists are connected across the globe to spread the message of peace and love, guard against dying humanity. A civilized society cannot nurture hate and murder small children on caste or religious differences. We must stop the inhumaneness. Soumya wrote a beautiful poem on her blog
Today, we were horrified to watch on TV how two Dalit toddlers were burnt alive and it pains us to see babies ruthless killed because they belong to a different caste. Originally, I posted on the FB page and sharing with you:

How much hatred can we take!
Killing in the name of caste!
In an age of digital media and men & women travelling to the moon,
two innocent babies burnt alive.
It tears the heart.
Children in the flower bud and ruthlessly killed.
They are dream and hope of this country.
Not letting them bloom, we have become thorns.
It's a shame and painful,
murdering innocence.
Cannibals we are!
Don't they have a heart?
Angst and pained,
to see such tender lives departing in such a ruthless fashion.
And, we dare to call ourselves humans.
No! We are not.
A soul with a heart will not dare touch small children.
What we have become!
Let's send a strong message: Don't touch our children.
Rise, my country men and women.
Say no to caste and religious hatred.
Jai Hind

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