Happy Valentine Day

Sitting alone in my room enjoying Valentine Day, while the world are enjoying the special day with the special someone.
Yet! I choose to be happy and enjoying every single moment of V-day.
As I say cheers to the day with my glass of red wine.
Valentine was fantabulous.
How I wish everyday was a Valentine Day.
Treating myself to V-Day.
Tomorrow will be a new day.
2013 will be a new V-Day as I shall kiss and cuddle that special someone.

That how I spent my valentine Day. First, I got a release from work at 8 p.m and was able to celebrate V-Day..with myself. I was happy and indulged myself with a glass of classy French red wine. Listened to some old romantic songs and that was my Valentine treat..to myself.
Why can't we celebrate V-day with oneself? I mean, why not? Fine, if there is nobody in your life, why crib. I believe that there is nothing wrong in being alone, without a partner. If something happens, that's great and if it doesn't there is no need to force a relationship and be unhappy.
I had forgotten how to live life but not anymore. I have decided to enjoy every moment of life since I won't get back the moment that just elapsed. Life is too beautiful to be wasted...u know why? Zindagi Na Milega Dobara.
Happy Valentine Day. Hope yours was awesome.
Spread love and make every day a Valentine celebration

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