Goa-second and final part

Front view of Our Lady Immaculate Conception Church
Arnav proudly showing his prized possession, the crab
Enjoying the view on Jan 2 at Vagator beach
Having a beer with captain Doshara

January 2:
Woke up earlier than usual,more precisely at 7.30 a.m. I ordered a cup of tea and started to wash some of my clothes. I went down at the lobby to inquire about places to visit downstairs and the hotel manager advised me to book Paulo Travel and have a dekho of Goa. The nice guy called the bus and it reached Bello Horozonte, the hotel where I'm staying. Not a bad deal as it cost me 200 bucks.
The guide in the bus was a weird character enter Sanjay....the phenomenon of the day..most welcome to Goa..ladies and gentlemen..I advise you to note down my number....but,my phone is not working since it fell down in the morning. Kahan, kahan se aate hai log,guide bane..This sicko was irritating throughout the whole journey in Goa.
We started at the Aguada lake which houses the famous jail and the bungalow owned by diamond merchant Jimmy Kardeka where the Sanjay Dutt-Govinda's starrer Haseena Maan Jayegi was shot. We had a damned fun boat ride where the guy driving the boat showed us several landmarks. We were urged to wear the lifeboat jacket since the law is very strict in Goa about security. It was a pretty exciting journey and at times, it sounded pretty scary. There were some Gujerati families who threw a coin in the lake so as to protect us from any untoward incident. The main attraction of the lake ride are the dolphins whose heads we can barely see. Everybody were pointing at the Dolphins but I barely managed to see them. One had to pay attention to catch a glimpse of Dolphins and finally I managed to see a few of them. It was an amazing ride and that too for 200 bucks. From the boat ride, one can also see the huge Goa jail and I actually pity those prisoners who can't even catch  a glimpse of the beautiful lake despite being surrounded by it.
A few kilometres before one reaches the Aguada lake, one can see the huge mansion of Vijay Mallya. Next stop: Aguada fort where Dil Chahta hai was shot. One can see the fort where Amir, Akshaye an
and Saif were sitting. What an amazing sight!
The only irritating factor was the dumb guy who had to say something during the journey. We had good fun at his expense, me together with a young dude whom was sitting next to me, Arnav. A young lad who must be around 12 and we became friends. We actually made so much fun of this idiot.
Anjuna beach was a beautiful beach and the perhaps the less crowded in Goa. Me and my young friend, together with his parents loved the beach. There were beautiful chicks there. A clean beach where I could have spend the rest of my life there. Whenever, I get the moolah, Goa would be a safe investment bet. Unfortunately,we had hardly 30 minutes at Anjuna and we headed towards Vagator. I mean it's nice. To gone down at the beach, one has to climb steep steps, up and down and which can be pretty tiring. Would love to do it,but we had such fixed bus timing. Aunty (Arnav's mom) clicked some pics of me and his son together. I must say, both uncle and aunty are very sweet beings. It's a wow! Meeting such wonderful people during the trip s what make a journey so beautiful and meaningful.
At around 2 p.m, we reached Calangute beach which I didn't like at all. This place was so damn crowded with people and walking to the beach was like overcoming a bundle of human mass. Shoes in hands, we walked in the waters and facing the waves. I made the mistake of wearing my Flying Machine jeans which was soaked, despite rolling it up till my knees. But, it was worth the fun. Life is beautiful and one should enjoy every single moment. Arnab picked a bottle of water lying on the beach and wanted to catch a crab which he did. Despite his parents trying to cajole him to let the poor thing go, he stick to it. Damn fun! The bus left Calangute beach which was the last stop for us and in about one hour we reached Miramar. I bid farewell to uncle, aunty and Arnav, promising to keep in touch. Good time spent with fellow travellers and which will remain forever etched in my memory.

January 3
This is my third night in Goa and fourth day. I was supposed to meet a buddy, Kaku but for some reason or another, we couldn't. I took the local bus and went to click some pictures in the city. I dropped at Ferry stop and watched the beautiful casino ship. Must say at night it gives an amazing view but it's the day,nothing like the sight at night. I asked for direction and went towards Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Church. It is a huge church and one has to climb the stairs to reach there. Sadly, the church was closed in the morning and it will only open in the afternoon. Bad luck!!!! Well, what does one make of it? Destiny....destiny...
After clicking some snaps, I met some college kids who are from Pune and who like me are on a visit. There was Geetesh, a CA student and his pals. They invited me to join them on bike and we were actually thinking of places to visit in Pune. So, we set on bike and after asking some  people about the locations, we decided to hunt for the science centre. We made rounds,lost  our way and asked some locals. Finally, we reached Goa science centre at Miramar. It sounded so much like a school outing.
 After exploring the surrounding where we clicked some pictures with the statues of elephants, sharks we stepped inside. Now, this one so much fun and one can see various displays of life and nature-it's amazing how our earth, electricity, waves are generated. It was educational but in good fun. How, we human beings take life for granted.Then,there is the display of our average Dukhiram and Sukhram..Go closer, its Sukhiram and move away it's Dukhiram. I particularly loved the dark room where you perform a singing or dancing act and the camera on the outside view captures your shadow. I realized that life is soo beautiful and we gotta live to the fullest.
Realizing that time was moving, I bid farewell to the guys since I got to take the bus back to Pune. I headed to Miramar beach and took a quick lunch before reaching my hotel, Bello Horizonte. Had a quick shower, did the packing and at around 5.30 headed towards Panjim in the local bus. That was my last trip in the crowded bus and stood throughout the journey.
On my way, I bought a fenny bottle and cashewnuts which are Goa specialties and at 8 p.m, I boarded the Paulo Travel sleeper coach and bid my farewell to Goa. I promised to visit again. Taa-taa Goa. The next morning I woke up in Pune at 4.30 in Pune. I didn't really slept in the bus since it was a sleeper coach which I shared with a stranger.
Visiting Goa is a must.

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