Things to do in 2012

There  is one brand new Nostradamus avatar who is out to predict the end of the world in end 2012. Not that I believe this fucked-up bullshit but for a second, let's imagine that it gonna happen for real. Guys and gals, the first 2 months in 2012 are gonna end very soon. So what's the plans for the year?
Let's start strong and make the year eventful. It's high time to renew the energy and boost our own's existence and and here are my ideas to stay strong this year.

Power inner circle
Friends represent the building blocks of our life and personality. As one wise mortal has beautifully put it, Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are. For sure, I believe it's important to strengthen the bonds with existing friends who are a part of our lives. Missing a friend, call him or her and make a trip to spend some quality time with them and I'm sure there are lots to discover about each other and share. They are the mirror to empower us and ignite the desire to pursue our passion and creative urge.
Likewise, it's high time to chuck off those so-called friends who only ignites sorrow, negativity and slug in your life. Golden rule of 2012: Strictly exercise your discretion as whom you allow in your life.

Brand new look
It's high time to have  revamped and brand new look. Remember, we are a product and it's time to re-invent ourselves. We do sell our image. It's time for self-indulgence. I already started during my holidays and I indulged in cool shirts, jeans, trousers, tee and my funky red and black glasses. Time to change my hair stylist and sport a brand new look. An image make over shall see the light of the day in few days. Appearance does matter and who knows I might be lucky with the chicks..yeah, been single and would love to be in a relationship.

Vacation Plan
Just came from a vacation which was awesome, in particular in Goa. The purpose of our job is to give us happiness and at the year end, we all deserve some harmless fun.Common sense tells us that we must plan our vacations in advance and we should never compromise on vacations. I'm planning to start my savings and at the year end to generate at least 50,000 k. I gonna sacrifice stuffs and save at least 5,000 k every month. I'm planning for Dubai, Delhi, Jhammu N Kashmir, Madhya Pradesh and Gujurat this year.

Invest wise
Being young should not be an excuse to not save money. 2012 is high time to target some interesting investments. I'm planning to go for an insurance and there are so many companies who offer interesting packages. Who knows? We need some fillers for vacation, buying a home or getting the new Swift or Honda Jazz. Or, some unforeseen surgery?
Money is quite tricky and no matter how much we have is clearly not enough. Go for Gold. Investing in Gold is a good option and as the market for gold is booming in India. Jump on the train.

Other ideas
1. Follow a grooming course
There are many courses on grooming, personality and passion offered by acclaimed gurus like Robin Sharma

2. Follow your passion
I just got a brand new lap top and this time, I am starting with my script and my novel. I dunno how long it will take but I am climbing the small steps. Time to live one's dreams and rather than accepting society's dos and don't.

3. Be Positive about life
The best way to  enhance your self-confidence is to be positive and believe in yourself. I Can Do It Mantra and nothing shall stop me. Passion, Creativity and Dreamer.

4. Learn Driving
It applies to me. It's a shame that I don't know how to drive. Time to go on wheels, baby.

5. Go for some interesting course
It's no excuse that when you work, you can't study. Go for some external course and as you earn, you learn. I'm planning for a masters in Mass Comm and it's time for some mental masturbation. I don''t wanna rot and 2012 is well the time to pursue knowledge and in that way, you won't lose time.

6. Keeping fit
If you haven't toned up for the chiselled, sexy body, what are you waiting for? It keeps the mind fresh and the regular work out will only indulge you in the morning to flare up the passion. Okies, I'll be honest. I started and stopped. But, coming April, I gonna hit the gym.

Keep Rocking and make 2012 like cherry.

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