Dreams and the loose strings

Dreams are made of imagination.
It is a lot like love.
We dream to fall in love and we end up falling in love.
They are often the loose strings of the musical instruments.
The greatest dreamers are those crazy beings whose joy knows no boundaries.
Dreamers are the craziest lot who refuses to be bugged by society's standards.
We believe we can.
There can't be a better reason to dream.
We dream coz we dare to think, we dare to believe in ourselves and have the belief that we can turn our dreams into reality.
In our way, we may encounter many morons who will pull us down.
We just need to smile at them.
It's our way of telling them how idiotic and sore losers they are.
We dare to think differently.
That's why we will reach the top and they will not.
It's our attitude that matters not theirs.
Else, we would be in their places reflecting on the theory of impossible.
Dreamers are no unproven theorems, rather winners.
Dreams may take a hell' long time to turn into reality.
At the end of the day, dreams will always triumph.
We need to constantly challenging ourselves.
Practice this exercise to remind ourselves that we dared to dream.
Always dream big.
It's a lot like love.
Many great love stories are the by-products of dreams.
Keep the faith.

Good Morning.

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