Ethics and hypocrisy

During our formative years in college, we were taught principles and ideals to stand for in life. We were young and ready to take the world as we learn to question pre-established norms for a better society. There was an idealism in life as we promise to stand what we believe in. We thought that we will not falter in the face of adversity and question corrupt practices, scheming thought and manipulations in the world. Alas! We were also taught that it is a tough world waiting for us and only time will tell whether we will withstand the test of time. At the end of college, we vow to make our alma-mater proud of us and always think of the teachings of our eminent teachers whom we hold in awe.
Enter the real and we are faced to the harsh realities of life. You name it, you get it....office politics, manipulations,lies, natak baazi and unreasonable mindsets, racism, fareb, corruption, casteism, racism and unfairness. There are thousands such things. I have always believed in treating people in a fair and correct manner. Several times, I maintained a silence at the face of injustice so as to avoid clash with people and avoid being at the receiving end of an unfair society. But, recently I decided to stand for something even if I am not involved. I am not going to sit as a silent spectator even if another person is treated in an unfair manner just because he or she belongs to a different caste, creed, gender and most importantly not my country. Such things gets to me.
C'mon gals and guys so what if someone does not belong to your country, does that mean that person should be discriminated? We are all human beings and are living in a global world. I mean, that's so shitty and which world you are living in. Prejudices against people is one thing that I cannot stand. Probably because I am an idealist and dream of a fair and just society where all men and women will be treated on a equal footing. The pace at which the world is moving is crazy and our way to attain our goals, we think that we can stumble on the rights of any human being.
I may not protest every time coz it makes no point changing people and often it's better not to fall prey to people's narrow mindset. I often say let it go. But, in another cases, I refuse to bow down to social injustice meted to other people. It's a question of principles and human values. Sometimes, I really wanna take on the world. But, I also understand that we are living in a hypocrite world: Going along with your principles would mean that society will not let you live peacefully and you will be driven to the wall. They will use each and every lies and cheap tactics to make you abide by the mainstream rules. It's difficult to live in this world when you believe in something and make your principles and ethics a part of your self. But, kill my principles and I cease to exist as a human being. It's like losing my individuality and a part of my identity as a human being.
Now, why do I chose to take a stand when someone else is treated in an unfair manner or discriminated against? It happens in all walks of life, be it an organization like the workplace or a club. I could chose to remain silent, do my job and go home. It's simple: I would not like to be treated in an unfair way. If I stand for something, I can say yes I adhered to values which I believe in. Or else, life will become so meaningless. Not to mention the gossips that people indulge in and I have a feeling that a person don't have anything to do in life. I mean to say that they have no purpose in life.
The same applies to corruption when a minister or high paid executive takes a bribe. That's crazy. I mean how much money do you want and will you bloody take the money in your coffin when you die. Theek hai, we all want to earn money so as to live a decent life, afford holidays once in a while and buy some luxury or our choice of brands as well as buy a car or a nice flat. But, siphoning off crores? Again, your life is becoming meaningless in the hunt for me. I solemnly ask, What is important hurting people by stealing or earning respect? Becoming a better human being, believing in humanity or becoming filthy rich?
There are questions raging in my head. Standing for ideologies, values or remaining a mute spectator at the face of things. I am quite honest to concede that sometimes I keep my mouth shut at the face of injustice or unfairness against someone else while in other circumstances I hit back. The moments I keep my mouth shut, should I protest and fight back. Answers sought!!!!!!

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