Boys and emotions

Okie..dokie..we've earned enough wrath from the fairer sex..coz we are emotionless..we are not caring. In fact, more sustained effort must be made to show them our love. We can't even say I love You, to our moms..Yes! I admit I can't do it. I mean, I just can't. But, does that make us heartless, ruthless?!
Boys are boys. At the risk of sounding a typical MCP, which I am obviously not one, we normally don't say I love you to mom nor do we indulge in hell lotsa conversation with her. Neither, do we write long letters to mom nor do we spend a long time on conversation with her. Girls mostly do that coz they have a lot to tell their mothers. We may call only if we have some burden to unleash or in dire need of money. But, that doesn't mean we don't love our mothers.
We make our mom happy by scoring first class in distinction and get through the merit list at our examinations. I remember the time when I got through the merit list for my master's degree at Mumbai list and that too through my bachelor degree results at Fergusson College. I called mom and she shouted with joy on the phone. We may not be physically present with my mom but, if I am working in some other city or world and doing well, it's my way of telling her how much I love her. I make my parents through small gestures and never show off loads of affection. That's my way or if you like, the boyz ways of making mama and Pop proud.
We operate more or less in the same way with our girlfriends or spouses. We may not say I love you several times but by giving you a surprise gift, red roses or chocolates, it's our way of saying how much we care for you. Same happens for a female friend with whom we share good vibes. Personally, I don't need to tell you that as a friend, I care a  lot for you and that you are a sweet friend. It is through my small and random acts of kindness that you should get the feel. Occasionally, I may surprise you with a goodie or chocolate. That's my way of showing that I care for you and anytime, I am here for you. I have always believed in friendship and don't look for give and take in any relationship. Call at 4 a.m, I will be here for you. That's my way. I don't expect you to give me anything in return. I don't need that nor do I believe. It's sad that many people look for benefits in human relations or friendships. Such relationships never survive and never existed. Dosti kiya toh nibhana padega. When something doesn't happen, we do feel bad. But, it's just that.
It's a myth that boys don't cry and that when their love and dear ones suffer, they don't feel the pinch. bhenchod! Pura bakwas hai. It's just that we don't show our affections and that we cry in silence. We don't like others to see tears in our eyes and it's very true that when we go through a rough patch, we pretend to be happy. It's just that we are designed in such a way.
Speaking of myself, I'm a phenemenon and damn weirdo. Guess, I do things differently and I've earned things like, stop running for friends like that or they will take you for granted. Well, let them take for granted, I don't fucking care. In a nutshell, I am completely unpredictable and emotional by nature..whoa did I just said that? You see, I may not show my emotions but do things in such a way to make you feel special. Guess, they don't make man like me anymore..lol..belief in the adage, give and give...I just don't publicly show my emotions coz I have never believed in that. I prefer to do things in my own way and if there is need to go out of my way to make someone feel special or happy, I shall do so. Well, that's me.

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