Auto-biographically yours

It's been long, I haven't written anything auto-biographical, at least, for the first time..I'm going auto-biographical on this blog for the first. At the risk of making it sound like a self bio-epic or dramatic. let me assure you all that I'm alive and kicking. I'm hale and hearty and doing very well in life. One is tempted to say, life is magical and beautiful.
Since you all know that I've been to Goa and explored on my own this year, it was the best thing that happened to me. It was my first trip and reached Goa on 31 December and stayed till 3 January. It was a soul-stirring journey and my spirit was flowing in South Goa, Konakona till the North side, Panjim/ Miramar. I traveled a lot from one point to the other and made new friends. Unfortunately, I couldn't meet Kaku, a dear Goan friend and educated myself in the city. I love Baga beach lane and saw quite a few dolphins. Bonds of friendship were strengthened, made new friends and got help from unexpected quarters.
The year started on a great note and looks like, things will move swiftly this year. I'm high on that and the year seems to unfold itself with unexpected zing. My God! How time changes and for good. Perhaps, at this point of time last year, things didn't seemed bright at all and now how the optimistic side of life is unfurling itself. I am a happy man as I realized my joy for traveling.
Finally, after aeons I am able to work on my script for my short film and my novel. Yes, it is taking shape and already penned some 9 pages for the novel and the script has neared four pages. I have sent the initial script to a friend who works as an assistant film maker for feedback. So, I'm waiting for the suggestions and will be taking it from there. I am also seeking advice from another friend who worked as an AD with Prakash Jha on Rajneeti and Aarakshan. So, for the time being Mr script is on the back burner. I need feedback on the essence of a bound script, amid locations. This is missing in the script. Hope to finalize at least three short scripts towards the year end.
Speaking of novel writing, I already finished reading the auto-biography of Dev Anand, Revolution 2020 and I am currently reading Rashmi Bhansal's I have a Dream and Ohh Yes, I am Single....And So Is My GirlFriend!Lovely book. It's a complete page turner and is all about today's youth in India. I'm hooked to it.
I'm yet to get out of my holiday mood and it's still within me..Good thing is that I was and am able to de-addict myself from Facebook. It's such a relief. My entire life is such a gamut of contradictions, unpredictability. At one moment, I am extrovert and the next moment, I turn to the silent mood. Can't help it..I have been designed in such a way!!!! Right now, I am going into my famous withdrawal way and wanna cut myself from the whole world..can't do it much coz at work, I gotta interact but I shall interact less for some time..and then back home, back to my moody-cum-withdrawal element. It happens to me from time-to-time and I find peace and serenity in that. I'm such a moody being..can't help it, my sun sign is cancer.
Relationships have become more and more complex..There was this gal which I kinda liked and dated in the past. After college, I was wondering where the fuck she disappeared and searched for her on Facebook like hell. She reminded me of sweet moments spent together. But, when I just found her on FB, now I'm not very much interested in sending her a friend request or message for that matter. Life is complex and equation is even more complex. That's life....My Life. Why am I like that? Completely insane.
I've been quite inactive on blog and the brightest part is that at least I have the time to write some quality posts in comparison to every mundane things I was writing. Till last year, it almost became an obsession but not this time. So far, so good. I watched Dhoom 1 last night and reminded me of college days. Speaking of college days, I'm missing it like hell..I wonder whether I will ever be able to get out of it. Time flies and whatever, we've done..the masti, fun and illegal stuffs..it seems like yesterday only..God knows it will never come back but perhaps in a magical package..who knows?
Must also admit that the day ended not in such a great mood..I felt bad for something which happened due to my lack of judgement..hell no!Nothing tragic..anyways
Will come back in a jollier mood..life is beautiful yet complex..I'm even more complex. Trying to create space for myself:)

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