LPNY resonates with today's youth

Just watched London-Paris-New York starring Ali Zafar and Aditi Rao Hydari. What a sweet love story! It is the story of Nikhil and Lalitha, a middle class South Indian-Maharashtrian sexy-combo-kinda chick. Nikhil plays a Bandra boy who wants to study film-making in London. Destiny had other plans as Lalitha and Nikhil meets up in London.
They meet, sing songs to each other had a rollicking time with each other before they realize that they are in love with each other. The forte of this Anu Menon's flick is its dialogue. Like kissing may mean that whether the couple may produce beautiful kids or Lalithapedia. Aditi Rao is natural as Lalithapedia as she infuses freshness in her character. She plays the role of the fiery feminist cum future politician with ease. It's amazing to see her transformation from Abhishek Bachchan's Bhabhi in Delhi-6 to the helpless wife of a don in Yeh Saali Zindagi and the reporter using her sexuality..read body to get real news from Ranbir Kapoor in Rockstar. She has grown as an actor and is someone to watch in the coming years.
Ali Zafar at the onset seems a lil bit uncomfortable playing the typical Bandra Boy and me think it got to do with the fact that he is not a typical Mumbai boy. I think Anu should have put some layers of Bandraite in Zafar's character..Somehow we missed a Bandraite looking for his Sandra.However, post the interval, Nikhil gets back on track and gives a lovely performance. He is wonderful in the emotional performance, particularly in the climax. Whether as the flirtatious or romantic Nikhil, Zafar will make the audience go gagga over him.
The movie is well shoot and LPNY is a love story with a difference. The vision of Anu is commendable with the dose of freshness she injects in her characters. The good thing with LPNY is that it mainly centres on two characters, Nikhil and Lalitha. A special word of mention for Aditi Rao Hydari whose portrayal of the Paris girl is a delightful. A superhot chick who thinks that wearing glasses can make a woman hot.
I have always said that content, the director's treatment and good performance matters in a good film. Certainly, the future belongs to the young generation and Anu is a young director with a vision. It explores the nuances of todays relations among the youth!With a bang. It's a love story with a difference. LPNY will appeal to 20-something and 30-something. Plus, it's not heavy. It's a cool 100 minutes movie.
Only thing is that the music could have been better and should be elevated a notch higher o portray the nuances of the relationship between Nikhil and Lalitha. Plus, we personally miss some portions of amchi mumbai, in particular Bandra. Go for it. It's worth a dekkho and much today's youth.

P.S: I'm reviewing a movie after 3 and a half months. This makes me more than happy. I am on a high 
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