Tale of my city

A tale of my city.
I left my city coz destiny had other plans for me.
My soul remained entrenched in city life.
My city...That's where I draw my inspiration.
The first time our glares met, I was fascinated by its immense beauty.
There is no one like my city.
She's soo beautiful and flawless.
Outsiders think otherwise..but, who cares?
Some call her Kalbadevi, for some it's Maximum city.
She's The Queen's necklace.
A world of two extremes.
My city, my life has been there.
In it, I play a very important role.
I lived there, I cried and shouted her.
I rock in my city.
My city taught me the essence of daily struggles.
Local trains, vada pav, sea face romance, monsoon, yellow-and-black cabs, the slums and the skycrapers.
After years of parting, destiny thrust me back with a bang in my city..
..but, only for a few days..
Amazed I was...
How my city never changed.
It is a world in itself...
I struggled, ran like a mad dude to catch the train and nab a cab..shouting Taxi, Taxi...
I lived my life in my city.
Here I live, dream and danced till the wee hours.
My city gently reminded me where I should be.
I am again not present in my city.
Ahem! Ahem!
Here, promising myself to be back where I belong.
My city, my life..Here..where I studied, I work...
Some call it an obsession..
If you haven't guessed my city..
It's Mumbai.
I love my city.

P.S: The poem has been inspired by the Mumbai anthem by Mid-day. Cheers to my city.

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