Harishchandrachi Factory

Just finished watching India's entry to the Oscar in 2010, Harishchandrachi factory, based on the pioneer of Hindi Cinema, Dada Saheb Phalka. Magnificent film. It's a small master piece. I know I'm late. I've been hunting for a DvD copy and finally me got one in Pune.
Dada saheb went on to make 100 movies in a career span of 20 years. wow! What a movie. It's still hunting me. The movie traces Dada saheb route and despite all odds, he didn't lost heart and even traveled to England to learn about film-making. He used his meagre income and went on to create an Industry. Now, India is the highest producer of films in the world. The movie is the fittest tribute paid to the great man. I remember someone telling me way back in my college days that if you don't get a platform, create one. Dada saheb created one. It teaches us to live our passion, no matter what. It is already inspiring me to do something and pursue my passion.
Finally, Marathi movie has come of ages and such talent with movies like Harishchandrachi factory should be promoted. What's important is not big finances but small budget movie with a good script and proper characterization can work wonders. It's a fact.
The great thing is how the script writer and the director has beautifully shot Mumbai in the 1913. This year on May 3, Hindi cinema will celebrate 99 years. We have come a long way and new directors with brand new ideas are giving a fresh leash of life to the creative art of story-telling and film-making. For some, Dada saheb was a lunatic. People thought he has gone nuts with moving picture. He never lost heart and went on to fulfil his dreams. I was amazed to see two my friends acting in Harishchandrachi Factory, Siddharth aka Tootoo and Astad who is a Marathi actor.
Good night.

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