Who is the guy who gets the gal?

Ahem! Ahem! I never thought that I would ponder on this question: Who's the guy who gets the girl? The clean shaven dude, totally mad-freako-manic, unkempt beard, soft-spoken, classy gentleman or the badass? Tough question to answer..Especially, when it comes from a question...though I believe a certain element of raw sex appeal is a must.
Well, just kidding..There is nothing like the rich-spoilt brat or the one who carries a big money bag. Nothing, like that. Trust me..I swear on the heads of my uber conservative ancestors who think that masturbating is not cool at all. Frankly speaking, I am still decoding this kinda question and guess, the girls are the best candidates to answer that. But, since I am a guy, I have to contemplate since it is a matter of survival. Well, let me put it the other way....Who's the girl who will be able to successfully seduce 'Vishal'....well, a certain oodle of sex appeal, hotness, well read, intelligence, grace, fun-loving and the list goes. But, the most important seduction factor is 'being oneself''..yes, yes..I just solved the complex, brain-wacky equation..The bloke who gets the girl is the one who is himself.
Finally, I may not be Ranbir Kapoor or Abhishek Bachchan, the hunks who are the smooth talkers or rich kids who seduced the likes of well....Deepika, Katrina, Aishwarya, Sonali Bendre or Dipanita Sharma for that matter..No, I don't own a Bmw or have unlimited cash balance which never seems to end..at least, I am confidence to get the gal coz I am myself. Only, the degree of rejection exist 90 per cent of the time.
Whether I chose to be the bad boy coupled with unkempt beard, long untrimmed hair..at least I am myself and don't suffer from the abhorred syndrome of attention-seeking behaviour. I'm pretty confident about making my move and asking the hot sexy chick out. I may not triumph in the start but at least I am happy being myself. If we cannot date, she can be my friend and ultimately we can make things happen for sure.
Guys, doesn't matter if you are not the most handsome dude on earth or the richest man on the planet, what matters is being oneself at the end of the day. So, what if you have the 'bad boy' image? I mean who fucking cares as long as your being yourself. Never part with your identity even if she wanna change you to fit her definition of the 'perfect man'. Remember, there is another who wanna see your 'true self.'
I feel that 10 to 15 years down the line we will always be remembered for our crazy, wild and unbrazen side, no matter where we reach in life. We might end up joining the corporate ladder but we will be best remembered for the time we sported our innocence, the times where the looks or judgement of others hardly mattered. Remember the unbuttoned, hairy chest, drawl, confident strut across the screed..Vijay of Deewar in 1970s..This version of Amitabh Bachchan who had no qualms of jumping to bed with Parveen Baby..the wild Bachchan who now transformed into Mr Bachchan of KBC. Well, he is best remembered for his wild side in Deewar by the mom's and aunties.
Me thinks, I've built a case...Smart dudes who has nothing to prove to anyone is ultimately the winner, not the fucked-up wannabees
Question decoded.
Have fun.

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