Women Day: She shall not remain a mute spectator to your violence

Today, March 8 is International Women Day across the globe. I wish all women folks a very happy women Day. However, what matters is that we celebrate and respect a woman every day in life, not just on one day. Over the years, women have lead in all walks of life, political, corporates or as a human being.
What hurts is how women are assaulted every single day, victims of heinous crimes such as rape and looked down, provoked by a mindset of cultural and religious dogma. In several places in India, big cities and far-flung villages,the freedom of women are crushed as a result of male ego and ugly patriarchy that uses culture or religion as a shield. The atrocious rape of Nirbhaya still remains entrenched in our minds and despite the laws,one can say that there has been no closure. The problem is the attitude of men in society.
After Nirbhaya death, I wrote a poem on my other blog on wordpress and re-blogging it here. There was angst in the heart and two years later, I doubt whether things has changed. This poem is a tribute to thousands Nirbhaya in India and across the globe.

The birth of a girl child brings joy in the family.
A girl brings wealth and happiness in the surrounding.
As she grows up, she is stereotyped to behave in certain way to fit into society's definition of model woman.
She is chided by her elders if she chooses to wear a short skirt, 'Good girls don't attract attention.'
She is not allowed to venture late in the night for fear that vultures in the garb of humans will attack her
If she smokes or dates guys or party,she is labelled as a slut.
Yet, you bow to her in the temples, worshiping her human form.
You shower respect to her symbol yet you want to overpower her
You use sex as a tool of power, yet you forget that it is a powerful emotion and bond among equal.
You are persuaded that deep inside you cannot overpower her.
You use the cowardice tool, rape to show your weakness.
Is this what dominance means to you?
You call her weak.
How easy to forget that you are the emasculated one, an easy prey to the so called moral guardians and hypocrites who exploit a woman in the name of society, morality and religion?
You assault her, sexually harass her and confine her to the home.
You live in constant denial.
She is your mother, wife, sister or daughter.
Yet, you choose to exploit her.
Your mother is ashamed of your dastard act.
Train yourself not to rape rather than put the fear in her every moment in life that she will be assaulted.
You think she is weak?
You are weak and lack power over your mind.
How easy it is for the so called moral guardians and hypocrites able to control your thoughts and actions!
Was it her fault when she stepped out at night?
Was it her fault that she slapped you when you assaulted her?
You wanted to silence her voice?
For how long?
She will no longer be the weaker sex.
Remember the more you oppress and silence her, she will rise and kill you.
The time has come now and she will no longer remain a mute spectator to your violent way and herd mentality.
How many Priyadarshinis, Nirbhayas and Amanats you will rape and oppress?
Thousands Nirbhayas will take birth.
This is a wake up call for you to respect her as an individual.

Happy Women Day.
Let's rise and awaken as human beings.

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