Gliding past storms to seek dreams, happiness in the illusory

Dreams weaved in the cornucopia of thoughts and illusion,
stoking fodder in our tiny hearts,
for no hope or desire is too mundane to fulfill.
The heart knows no reason to build imaginary castle,
filling our world with momentary moment of joy.
Expectations soothes the heart as we crave for the imaginary pleasure.
The disappointment lingers large yet it encapsulates us with hope.
It titillates the sense as we move beyond reality.
Soaring up in the sky as we chase the world of impossibilities,
the stars may be too far for us to touch,
yet the heart, mind and soul finds solace.
Turning our back to reality and twisting our mind,
stoic to the storm that unfurls in front of us,
we glide past the vagaries of life, re-visited in all its form and hues.
The rainbow may not be too far fetched as a symbol of happiness.
Mind matters above everything else.

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