The tragedy of a dog's life

 Oho! They won't let me sleep peacefully on the street. After all, I am a street dog. Some idiot making noise clearing all the debris with the broom, ringing on my ear. Now, who is that person scratching my back like that? I gonna slap him. Ahem! Ahem! I can't even do that!
The tiny lady, wearing a long white robe is chasing me away. How ruthless and heartless those humans are! After all, I am only a dog, an 'underdog' living off the streets. Go away bloody scoundrel, she shouts. I try to scare her, showing my scary teeth and barking ferociously coz no one wanna pay heed to the cry of my heart. I know! I know! I wanna tell them to give me shelter and food, in return I will protect your house. But, no. How ungrateful those humans are! I run away from the lady who turns her back towards me, walking towards her kitchen. What's this perfume? I just wanna burst into the kitchen and steal the delicacy. Those humans call it Biryani.
Now, why this other dog is running like a mad cap, as if he is participating in the Olympic race. Now, let me run after him. No! He is too fast, this smartie pant. I run past this huge metallic gate and let me stop to say hi to those canines. They live like a King, you know, and there owners called them babies. See! What they are doing? Playing with a ball and hiding bones inside the grass so that the master don't see it. Those rich dogs, I tell you, they have too much of everything and I am looking for a bone to eat. Still, they have become selfish like their masters, they won't share the bone with an under-dog like me, dying with hunger in this misty morning. 
Last time, I stood in front of the gate, the canines barked at me, shooing me away. I just wanna be friends with them. This crazy book writer! I know she is what humans call hot and sexy but reading a poem to her dog who was scratching the mud and wagging the tail. How on earth do I tell her how idiotic she is and can't make out the language of the dog who is not even interested in her passionate poems which she recites loudly.
Now, I need something to eat and let me hop on the street to try my luck, may be if I can hound this guy who sells Vada Pav and Pakoda on the street may pity me and flung some that I can grab with my mouth.Now, why this dog is doing trying to cross the street in this crazy human made turmoil that blows my ears to death. It frightens me to death in this world made by people hell-bent to destroy our lives where our breed have no comfort and peace. 
The nameless friend makes a step or two, before moving away, too scared to valiantly face  the cars and buses who has just one objective: bleed to death anyone who comes near them. Do you think they will spare us, I wanna tell the stranger dog. Finally, she backs out and comes near me to drop a Hi. Now, you disturbing me, I wanna tell. But, you see, I am nice. I laze on the pavement and pat him. Two for company. Together, we have one mission: Jump in the garbage, pulling everything upside down and scatter on the street, for one morsel. No luck, we are chased by the cops.
We've got a victim. We eye in each other in unison to conjure our tricks. The truck is filled with goodies, loafs, bananas and vada pav. We scare the two guys, grab our share with our mouth and disappear in the alley. Finally, our hard has paid off big time as the men wearing white garments yell.
Have a good Day. Now, you see why the underdogs win the smart race.

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