A to Z challenge Theme Reveal: Short (Romantic) Stories

I am participating in the #AtoZ Blog Challenge. To cut a long story short, I was more than sure than this time I would not be able to make it. The hectic work pace was killing me and to register was almost suicidal, what if I am not able to make the cut? 
In fact, I was planning to schedule my posts by mid-February but things started to fall apart. There was no way I could do it and got chatting with Shalinee on how to do it. One thing led to the other: She prodded me to get on it. I was in still in two minds when I hopped on Vidya's blog telling her how to do it, owing to the fact that the hectic work pace won't allow it. I was in two minds and asked her to motivate and help me. Vidya's words worked like magic on me and deciding to hop on the train.

Vidya's words:

Work will always be hectic....If you are worried about what to write about-you have a thriving blog-just go through your oldest posts-you'll find you have more to say about those topics....There will be days when you think you don't have time..truth is, we can always find 10 minutes...you can do it!

The fabulous Vidya is a magician and couldn't believe how her motivating and inspiring words is leading me to sign up for the challenge. Till you have people like Vidya and Shalinee (https://taleoftwotomatoes.wordpress.com) prodded me to sign up.

#AtoZ theme: Short (Romance) stories

Quoting from http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com/, the credit goes to Arlee Bird where participants post every day except Sunday which is fun day. 26 days of blogging, posting daily on a single alphabet. The fun starts on April 1 with letter A, April 2 with letter B and it goes on Day 26 with letter Z.
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Theme Reveal:Short (Romantic) stories

This time, I have decided to write short (romance stories). I have decided to write 26 stories between 500 to 1000 words. While most stories would be my favorite hot topic love and romance, some of them will be short stories, moving away from love. You see, too much of nerve racking and getting in that mode of dabbling with alphabets, can be a tough call. Here, I am. Can't believe I am signing for it. Do sign up and for more jump on Vidya's blog:


Wish us luck and hope I do justice to the challenge.

With Love

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