Tale of my quirky insurance agent

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I'm bad at saving money. It's the time to confess that. I've been working for the past 2 years after I passed out from college and university and whatever I save in bank end up in the dumps. I'm short of cash and ATM card guided my me is whittled away gradually. Counselled by Mom and my bua I agreed to meet an Insurance agent on Friendship day. The guy is the insurance agent of my bua and after much coaxing I gave in and on a Sunday this guy paid me a visit.
Uhhhh! There is nothing wrong with the insurance plan. In fact, it is a pretty decent one and me think that I'm gonna go with it. It's flexible and schemes can be changed to suit my fancy. I can easily move from one plan to another and claim the money and take loanable facilities. The problem is the guy. He's affatus but what irritated me is that on a busy Sunday, he made the history of the company and trying to hard sell his company too much. For starters, I wanna tell him, cut the crap dude, I know you represented a damn good company and I've done enough research on this one. But, but this guy was going on and on..blah!blah!blah! You know our company has been there for a long time, our shares are quoted on the stock exchange..Only thing remaining for the guy to do was to indulge in some kind of oria. I was feeling so cloyed as he started praise my intellect..Hell! you hardly know me and how come you know that I am very intelligent to the point of being a genuis.
It was getting on me as I don't have patience to do so on a Sunday and especially listening to an agent spouting. Finally, I interrupted him by offering him a cup of tea which he refused. Thank God he asked for a glass of water so that I can get up and get him. Finally after 30 minutes he explained the plan to me. Invest Rs 1000 bucks for a period of 20 years and I shall get Rs 800,000. Waise bhi!!! Who has the patience to wait for 20 years to cash on the money. That was funny. I listened patiently and smiling on those fucking 20 years. A toast to the flexible term which I can change next year by invest a lil more...god help me so that I can cash in the money in some 6 to 7 years.
Funniest thing but not pleasant to one's ears..In an event something happens to you and you end up dying....Yea he actually said that..Your relatives will get the money immediately..Abe Madarchod! If I die I won't even enjoy the money in pa
rlok..what the fuck is that someon else will enjoy my hard earned money? Fuckong asshole I've been slogging my butt so that some guy in the family enjoy my money. Certainly not my mom! She won't feel like taking the money of her son and I don't intend to get married by now...
This is nothing. His best is yet to come!!! It is a good thing that you are investing so that when you marry you can plan ahead and finance your children's higher education. WTF!!!!!I'm not married and this fucker is after my life. I wanna invest wisely and enjoy the monetary gains and not for children..hmm! U not married. You should so that you are not too old when your children are going to university. Asshole! Did I asked your opinion when I should get married?! Bloody loser, why do you wanna screw my life?!
Never mind. I'm going ahead with his plan since it is a good one. No! I'm not waiting for 20 years and wish to get the money very soon. There is another insurance agent, a very pretty gal who's been after me so that she can prepare a plan for me. Every time, she calls I just manage to tell her, next time.Lat time, she called and insisted for us to meet, told her to call me in 2 months..Had to ward her evil spirit off coz she was like,tell when you were born and your occupation so that I can prepare a plan for you..Holy shit! Difficult to get rid of those species...Insurance people are indeed quirky....WTF


Two strangers on rampage

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We fought each other today.
We haven't even met once.
A new meaning to the buzz 'social network'
We have been arguing on the merits of each other's state.
I reason with her, My state is better than yours' as she reposted,'No mine better.'
The meaningless bickering of a couple who woke up to horror ofter making love to each other.
There is so much love in the fights.
Then, we teased each other.
We don't need to try too hard on each other as our lips plucker in our wildest and craziest imagination.
Distance seperates us, age is a misnomer.
Battle knows no age.
Everything seems fair in war seems to be our motto today.
It's been an unusual interaction.
We ain't a couple.
Plain strangers who crossed each other through Zuckerberg's baby.
Hey Mark do you have the slightest idea what you just did to us?!
Dude, you played with our emotions and created a rift between two distinct personalities.
The world of two extremes.
One shall call it a chance meeting.
Strangers don't just say hi and go on an innocent coffee blind date to hold hands and make love.
We do fight.
This one is a different kind of relationship.
We connect to fight.
It's a crazy and mad world.
Anything can happen. 


Plan B

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Do you have an alternative plan in the dimensional flow of life? Life is like 3 D movie as you embark on the wonderful journey of life . We all have dreams since childhood and wants to live our passion as a free bird. However, somehow there is the period of struggle when we aspire to become a writer, actor or singer. Plan B comes into being. Till the time we search for work, we must survive. We must fend for food.
How do we do it? Plan B is when your academic degree provides a helping hand and the much needed back up. If you are an Economics graduate, for example, join a bank or any MNC or corporate house and earn some money. That way, you are not going to starve and are being paid. In the mean time, you can always keep your passion alive, make your contacts and meet producers as well as making your videos. That way, your money can help you follow your passion. One may argue, though living in an expensive city like Mumbai is not easy and there is no way you can use money earned from Plan B to make our passion come alive. To that I argue so many of us have done it and it's better to have Plan B than starve in life. John Abraham holds an MBA and was a media planner in an advertising company.
There many things which merit a Plan B. I have always wanted to become an actor, a film director and also planning to write a book. But, in terms of turning into a full fledged writer it does not always pays since you are a new bie on the market. Publishers will not put their money on someone new on the market and it's also humanely impossible to act in a movie or direct on your own. Baby! You need the moolah. But, but nothing is impossible. Besides, social and professional networks like FaceBook and Linkedin gives you a platform where you can market your book. Blog adda is also there. Worse, create a blog and blog spot offers facilities where your posts can be easily converted into a book. You can well write your scripts and let people know on net. Besides, a handy digi cam can shoot your short film. It's the world of endless possibilities.
I am working as a reporter and a sub-editor in a newspaper. I regularly write for the paper and it's a good motivation to slowly work on my script and book. I am presently writing on a collection of short stories though I struggle hard to find the time to so. But, at least Plan B is working. I am able to earn and slowly pursuing my dreams. However, I could have done more and need to constantly challenge myself to do so. PLAN B is damn important in this beautiful journey of life. I have just realized it. There was a time when I was damned fed up of my job and was seriously waiting to call it quits. I happy I didn't!!!When I imagine what would be my plight without a job!!!! I wonder how I would lament on my stupidity..I was planning to go on a spiritual quest, from Dharam shaala to Goa and of course visiting exotic places like Malaysia, Paris and Brazil..Honey! Honey! money needed for that!
Planning to quit a job and concentrate on your passion and tour the world or take an MBA or an alternate degree..no problem is that? The hitch is to start planning from now. Start saving for the rainy days, grow your professional network tree and make sure that you get some freelance job where you can sit by your laptop and devote two days per week so that your expenses are covered.
Have a great Day..a sequel to this one might see the light of the day


Dude Vishal on Chutti?!

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Slog,slog and slog, it's becoming a royal pain the ass.
I long for the great escape, gateway to heaven.
I need a break.
A holiday will do the trick.
An elixir for life greatest tragedy..work

Hey folks, 
I am dying for holidays..do hafte chalega..Will I be able to sing this song...The dude vishal on Chutti?! Taking a leaf on the upcoming flick Mr Batti on Chutti..I feel like saying Battiya jalao mujhe Chutti Chahiye..The million dollar question is and shall remain: Will my desire for 20 days or at worst 15 days holidays be sanctioned. I'm planning for 2 weeks holidays in December. I'm dying to visit Goa, Dharamshala, Calcutta and quite a few places.
The minus point" I work in the media and can they afford to give me holidays..Oh!Holidays!Holidays! What a luxury! I have realised how one take its life for granted. I mean in the times of college, I lead a care free life thinking that it shall never end. Life motto and I hope is still on: Live Life King size. Dude and Babe, take a chill pill. As someone told me, you too much chilled. At that time, didn't thought of going to holding and exploring exotic destination. I always thought that this beautiful life shall never end. Anyways, no need to cry over split milk. I believe that someone must not express regrets over life.
There was a time when I wanted to quit my job. I'm happy I didn't coz it would be difficult to save the moolah for holidays. The bad saver and spend thrift that I am! My bank balance is zero zero and zero. Time to get insured so that I can afford a lil bit of loans to cover my extravaganza..read holidays, baby! I'm dying to travel. I badly need that. Trust me! I have reached a stage where I badly need a break from work and graveyard shift. This life sucks, I know. But, it also goes without saying that I have started to enjoy my work. I am getting fulfillment out of it. No prize for guessing: I ain't leaving my job as of now.Par mujhe chutti chahiye.
For starters I have already completed a year at work and the time I'll ask for chutti..add 6 months extra..do the months=18 months. Will the boss give my most needed luxury or shrug me off?! That's the question, Baby. I can't pronounce myself on that. But, but I am dying and badly need holidays for a change. I can already picture myself lying on the beach in Goa, sipping beer and gorging on super hot chicks clad in bikini.
To that, I sign out. Remem..it's Monday and blues has just started.A good reason to claim for holidays.
Have a great and awesome day 


God on hot seat-part 2

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Hey God welcoming you in my abode..sorry hot seat..Guess, if all goes smoothly we can make it a monthly or a fortnight affair. Unfortunately, you didn't respond to my set of questions. Guess, it sent a tizzy down your spine and you went speechless for days. Did you questioned your own authority? I hope so coz I question my own existence and you, of course.
God, rest assured I am not an atheist.I believe in a super power but I refuse to adhere blind to the 'unquestionable faith' and pre-established rules advocated by many of your ardent followers. Sorry, I cannot subscribe myself to the theory and there so many self acclaimed God who want to snatch away your glory and existence. Come on, God, speak to me. As you have noticed, I haven't thrown my questions at you till now as a means of protest of your unwillingness and perhaps arrogance of not replying to my queries.
Let's get back to question, God. When I was small, I would patiently await for Dad to come back home and he was late, I became restless and prayed to you so that you can send Dad back home. When he came back, he looked at my anxious face and asked, were you worried? I smart shrugged off his concern and said in my tiny voice, no! Well, how he knew about it? Did you communicated my worry to him. Well, thank you. Today, I ain't gonna be mean to you God.
But, question is question: One day, you decided to take him far way from me? I want to know why? I want to share my happiness and grief with him. But, I can't do that. Is he watching over me? Is he present and looking at me? At least, you provide me with an answer?
God, how do you look like? Are you white, do you wear black clothes, show off in trendy blue shoes and carry flamboyant clothes? How do you look like? Black or white..what is the color of your skin? If not, then why people differentiate in terms of Black and white? Are you, Hindu, Muslim or Christian? Don't they say, there is God in every human being? If yes, then why people differentiate in terms of caste, creed or sex? Or you male or female? Then, when people discriminate they are discrimination against your own existence. I'm sorry to say all this but it's my honest opinion. Answers needed fast.

Why is it so difficult to let go of the one we love, God? When we broke up with the one we love the most, there comes a time when we feel our whole has stopped forever. We end up losing the meaning of life and shed tears for that person whom we know that he/she cannot be ours. Why is it so? The more the person drift away from us, the more we want to grow, sleep and eat with that person. How can that person be insensitive to our feelings overtime? Is there any answer to that?
I sometimes wonder whether we could have survived without food. Since I was a child eating was always an uphill task for me. Life would have been easier and a smooth ride without craving for food for survival. I always faced a mammoth task when faced with a plate of food. I know this is silly good. 

But, can we survive without food and relationship?
Why is it that when we visit a place for the first time we feel that we have been there before. Is there a thing called reincarnation? Same thing happen when we meet someone for the first. We gel so well with each other and instantly feel an array of great vibes and soulful connection with that person? No one has been able so far to understand the complexities of human life and relationship? Yet you chose to design the world in such a manner? 

Are you going to present yourself to me someday and do you have the courage to do so? When will you reveal your form?

Why do I feel scare of undertaking the simplest of task for the first time? Is there any hidden meaning behind it or have I been designed in such a way? Don't do that. Don't touch this. Why are we humans so reluctant to embrace the newest thing in life?

Why do I have the tendency to dwell so much in the past and the world of impossible?Is imagination a prelude to the forthcoming? Why am I so reluctant to let go? I want to understand the entire gamut and complexities of human existence?

Dear God, some more questions will do?! I think that you can afford being on the hot seat for some time considering the unplanned design you hold for me:

Why do things doesn't come the way I want it to be? Why is it that a bad surprise always comes my way?
Why people have so much ego in themselves and makes life difficult for others and for themselves?

Why do I end up screwing things so many times?

Why can't I meet my deadlines and do things according to planning? It always fails?

Why is life unfair sometimes and I end up in a soup?
Lots of why's buts and ifs in this life. If only you care to answer. If you still feign ignorance we shall continue this exercise and you will be sitting on the hot sea. I intend to do it till I get my answer. Take your time God and see you soon.


If Friday was a woman

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Is the frenzy, hum drum of the week ever getting over?
I count the seconds, hours, days on my fingers..
Holy fuck..Is Friday really coming?
As I wonder over the ailments during the week..
...fever, cough, throat infection, tiredness and neck pain..
Behold! The odd timings and the act of too much on my plate forbid me from running away from office.
It's a week full of intricacies, unplanned and complex stuffs on a roll.
Agree! A fulfilling week and full of challenges.
Undrastic yet new shift in tasks.
The starting life of both a reporter and sub editor.
I longed for Friday like a obsessed lover yearning for his sensual desire.
It gives an orgasm yet it does.
If Friday was a woman!!!!
I wonder.Yes! I did wonder.
It could have been a statue, perhaps the statue of liberty.
My quest for physical and financial freedom would have started.
Yet Monday shall come and the frantic serach for freedom of the mind would have been an ever non lasting journey.
Friday, finally came.
I'm adoring it.Wanna make love to Friday.
Vodka or Whisky on the rocks.
Happy Friday


Corruption free, tolerant India:Too much to ask on I Day?

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Freedom at Midnight. Aug 15 turns as we bask on past glory, success and future challenges on our Independence Day. As Indians, we take great pride in our national flag and anthem. I do not oppose this view as I belong to the school of thought that believes that our Jnana Gana Mana is the most beautiful and emotional anthem in the world.
This I-Day should have been so special for us. We won the world Cup in an almost dramatic way, Anna Hazara led our young nation in demand what is rightfully ours: acountability. As a nation we have suffered for long at what I call the apathy of our corrupt netas.We also lost our Elvis Presley, the endearing,lovable and flamboyant Shammi Kapoor. We pressed for the Lokpal Bill and if it bears completion it shall be a great victory to our young nation. However, it looks like a distant dream as a result of the apathy of our political rulers.Are we in a state of reboot?Is the right to Information Act a case of restart our machine? Well, these questions need to be adressed urgently.
The terror attack in Mumbai has put into question our freedom and pride as Indians. As we utter Not Again in Mumbai we are compelled to question the assurance given by corrupt babus and netas? Are we really free as a nation? Do we just sit and take pride in Jnana Mana on August 15? No considering that immature decisions are being imposed upon us as we watch speechless and defenceless? Case in point:Raising the drinking age to 25?
Sorry to say India is not free as a nation.There is still the huge divide between Bharat and India where millions in rural India are still denied access to quality education. Well, more emphasis should be laid on Education if we want to catch up with China. Poor infrastructure make us prone to terror attack and water logging during monsoon. There is a feeling of inequality among different ethnnic group. We are intolerant to homosexuals, free sex and live-in religion. Secularism is a lost word.
True India is booming in terms of the economy and the youth have better jobs with attractive with pay packages and we don't need to move to foreign shores in quest of better jobs and associated perks.Yes, we are intolerant as a nation. Someone like MF Hussein was compelled to leave his own country and die a sad and tragic death. Very sad.
As a young Indian, my take is that I am proud to be Indian and will always be. But, but I wish we were more tolerant to everything and please we should break away from the shackles of morality and extreme religious views. We should feel protected and secure in India and let's erase the evils of corruption. Learn to understand each other's culture and win the war against corruption. Dream wish: We want Lokpal Bill to be turned into reality.
Happy Independence Day
Proud To Be Indian.
Once an Indian always an Indian.
Jai Hind


Yearning for personal space

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Hey guys, been facing an irritant since the few days..lagta hai ke mein Viral fever ke shikhar ho gayaa..had to skip Aarakshan twice..Wednesday and today. I am bugged by the flu and the throat infection. Brownie point: It's a shame. So far failed to cut smoking when I should..in the times of flu..I'm feeling so shitty and the flu preventing me to put on a proper post on the blog, reading an completing my short story. Same old story na..Still, I'll try something out on the blog..Waise, Happyy Raaksha Bandhan:)
Chal, I'll try out yo vent out something outta here. Something that got to do with my present state of mine: mild depression. As a human being, it oft happens that I go into my shell. You woke up a day and have a gut feeling that everuthing or most of the things will turn awry. You decide to go into your shell and prefers minimum contact with fellow human beings. Psychologists and sctentists term it as: withdrawal symptom.
Guess me suffering from the withdrawal thing today. But, But I ain't doing dat bad coz I spoke top some people today. Guess, it got to do for my need for space. I crave for space and do my own things without being the least disturbed. Introspection or the need for Identity. Difficult to ponder on the matter coz i am quite confused right now.
For pointers, after 3 spoke to Mom for the minimum coz there is a need for me to practice the virtue of silence. As good as it gets. It got to do with my hectic work schedule as I have to speak to people when the mood is not really giving in to be the fucking male version of Miss Congeniality. I know one tend to fall in the trap of not living up to the identity but as a professional, one has to comply and try to be lovey lovey with colleagues and whoever that matters to make the work ride quite smooth. Well, that an unsavory perk of being a working professional. At the point of sounding anti social you end up putting an act. An act of mistaken identity as one finds himself alone, he tries to live up to his real self and prefers his much desired space.A time happens when you really want to tell the world. STOP! I need my space and it's personal and go get a life. A burning desire to cut off from the world as you have the blog, books and MYSELF for company. No social networks, friends and people can substitute for that. I personally crave the need to alone and cut from the humdrum of life.That's my life and I'm entitled to my own solace. I ain't gonna trade anything for that. I have my freedom to think anything I want and free from the judgement of the world. It's me and my world. Sure I am withdrawing and have all the rights in the world to do so. I am at ease to reflect on the past failures, bask in the glory of my own extravaganza and be completely wild in thoughts. It's gonna be crazy. Doesn't matter. I might be a misfit to society's best laid out rules or social mores. It gives fodder for thought. It's my space and I'm loving it to the fore. Some call it the aha moment. You know that you are free to think and free to act the way you want coz you are faced with your own self and identity. There is no one to disturb your thought process and you can afford to be a hero in your own eyes and without being opposed. I mean it's very true and your aura and confidence grows 10 fold. How one wish life was like that in reality and no asshole will come your way. A far cry from real life.


30 Things That Will Make You Feel Old

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Hey folks wassup? Been suffering from fever, cough due to the change of the season..bah!30 resons to cheer me up and you as well as we travel down memory lane.Received this as a forward mail from Meghna..cool na..Reasons not to grow old or to do so in a dignified manner.

Duuno abt u guys but am definitely feeling ancient now :( 
30 Things That Will Make You Feel Old –
1. Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge was released 16 years ago.

2. Windows XP was released TEN years ago, in 2001.

3. The “new” Millennium is more than a decade old.

4. Chetan Bhagat’s antics have been around for the past 7 years!

5. Pierce Brosnan last acted as James Bond 9 years ago.

6. The Delhi Metro has been running for 9 Years now.

7. It’s been 10 years since 9/11

8. The Matrix came out 12 years ago, Keanu Reeves is 46 today

9. Mother Theresa and Lady Diana have been dead for 14 years.

10. This happened a whopping 17 years ago.

Yes, they are old, too!

11. Remember Jungle Book on Doordarshan? That was more than 15 years ago.

12. Macaulay Culkin is 30 today. “Home Alone” came out over 20 years ago.

13. Terminator 2 is 20 years old. Edward Furlong who portrayed kid John Connor is 33 now.

14. Sean Connery is 80 years old and retired.

15. The youngest Spice Girl is 35, the oldest Backstreet Boy 39, Gwen Stefani is 41, Madonna 52

16. The first Harry Potter book came out when I was in High School. 14 years ago!

17. The first season of F.R.I.E.N.D.S was aired 17 years ago! Age of the cast:

18. Remember these Guys?

<http://vadakkus.files.wordpress.com/2011/05/floppy1.jpg> <http://vadakkus.files.wordpress.com/2011/05/sony-walkman-cassette-300x244.jpg>
19. Akshay Kumar is older than the moon landing – He was born in 1967

20. Arnold Schwarzenegger is older than India. He was born in June 1947

21. ‘Kids’ born in 1993 can legally drive, drink and vote this year.

Where are my car keys, bob?
22. Jurassic Park is older than Justin Bieber.

24. Rajiv Gandhi has been dead for 20 years.

25. Bryan Adams’ cult song “Summer of 69
was released 26 years ago.

26. Kids whom you remember in their diapers posting their pics on Facebook

Not like this, though.
27. Facebook has been around for 7 years. Orkut for 9.

Fraandshipping since 2002
28. Remember the little girl from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai? She is 23 now.

29. The Maruti Zen was first introduced 18 years ago.

30. And of course, the Rasna Girl. She is all grown up as well!




God on hot seat-Part 1

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Anuja Rathi wrote an awe-inspiring post where she set a test paper of 22 questions to God. It gave me inspiration here as I quizz God on the state of being and seek my answers to the Great Almighty.Here you are God and be ready to brace yourself to my interrogations. Dunno whether I will get my much sought answers.

God, God, you are the Great Almighty. You are omnipotent, omniscience and the one people turn to in times of needs. My first question: Why do you always test my patience when it comes to my dreams and things I want to achieve in life?Why should I reason with myself that things will come my way and that I should never be impatient and that this is what you have planned in store for me?

Secondly, Why is that I should wait for a very long time and when I feel the time has come and things goes as planned, you play the spoilsport as I sadly witness everything goes awry?

Thirdly, why is that I never find love in life and I end up getting disappointed in my relationships. Every time, I reason with myself that she wasn't meant to be and with this hope I embark in a new relationship. You seem to tell me that I cannot get everything in Life and she wasn't meant to be? If she wasn't why you taught me to love her so much and put my everything at stake?

That's number four: Why is there so much sufferings, amidst war, pain, famine and diseases in life? If you were really God and so perfect as they claim, then such kind of sufferings shouldn't take place. Then, should I assume that you are limited in form, character and power and that there is another super and supreme power who is sitting above you. Certainly, you cannot be all that powerful. If you were, you could have prevented terrorists attacks and save the life of so many innocent lives-children, women and bread earners.

Question no 5: I know that I should do good and kind deeds in Life. I was taught and believe that I should be a good human being. Why is that the human agents to whom I am good do not always return my kind deeds and they can be mean sometimes. Ya!Ya! I know what you may chose to tell: Never expect anything in return. Please! Don't shoot back with the same old, boring and classic lecture. Frankly, speaking I am quite bored of this lackadaisical answer.

Question no.6: Now, this one is very important and most personal: Why is it that my confidence which was upbeat at one time has shrinked and is stumbling further. Why is it that I lose it so often?Me who was always proud of the confidence I achieve. From someone who lacked confidence, I was bestowed with so much confidence and now it seems that you are taking it away from me. But, however you are, I won't let you take my confidence away from me. The day I let it happen, I cease being myself. Better, you get it, this time.

Seventh Question: Why do you like it so much when people revere you and places their soul in your lap? Does it satisfy your ego and take it on you that you will avert any form of calamities for some time. It boost your ego and power, isn't it?You feel like saying see, I can unleash my power to destroy the world if I want to? You tend to become so arrogant, na?

Don't give me this fed up or your wisdom look.Here comes Question no.8:
Why I am so confused about Life and unable to decide what to do? It happens several times and keep happening. Why I feel like an emotional fool sometimes and erase the element of rationality in my mind. Since I am your creation, you should be able to answer that, right?

Number 9: Anuja said it rightly. When do I know when to speak my mind and when not to? At the risk of hurting someone I may not or at the risk of people keeping it against me and may well manipulate against me, I chose not to, again. Dunno what your answer shall be.

Number 10: Why do I suffer from mental blockage several times?
Whenever I sit to write a post or a short story and when I feel I have an idea, I tend to suffer from mental blockage. Are you playing mischief?

Number 11: Why is it so difficult to assert one's individuality in a society blinded by religious prejudices, deep rooted morality and dogma?
I leave this one to you?

Question No 12 is in your face? I challenge your authority. Are you really God and c'mom dude or dudette, prove your existence?
I may attempt to question your own existence. First thing first: Why do people fight over you over the names Ram, Allah and Jesus arguing a part of you is better than the other. Why people is ready to kill in the name of religion, albeit your name as you remain a silent, helpless spectator to that? Well, over to you, Dear God.

Question No.13: What are you thinking right now? Did I shook you the hard way?
Come on answer me. At least I did. After bearing so much, it's a small victory. But, I mean no disrespect as I seek some answers which are largely justified.

Back to me:
Question No 14: Why sometimes I feel that my life is so uncertain?
At some point, I no longer have the urge to fight the demons of Life. To be frank, I am so fed up and uncertain whether I will be able to achieve the stuffs I planned for. I mat chose to turn to you but many times I don't.

Question no 15: Money hai to Honey Hai: Does it sounds true? When will have the moolah so that I will be able to afford holidays and take my mom along to visit places, buy things of my choice without finding a hole in my pocket. Will I have sufficient money so that I can work for myself and not depend on an outside jobs, buy an apartment sea face and buy my favourite car. You will tell me this is materialistic. Well, it is. Are you not materialistic?

Question No 16: Where do you stay God?
In my heart. Well then you should provide for all my answers.

And the barrage of Questions ends here God. Feeling suffocated? Take a chill pill coz the second one will come soon. See ya God. Hope next time you will come prepared and give my answers. I am impatient.

Have a gud day, God