Ship Wreck-ed

It seems to be the season of fuck-ups! A virus and jink phase many of us going through, nearing depression. Someone getting involved with married person, fiancees breaking their engagement and pretending to be happy in front of parents, someone wanna get out of their marriage since it's not going anywhere or someone breaking up every single day with her beau only to hug the next day. The same old story, getting back to normal.
For me, it's the career which is preoccupying the mind and the whole never ending struggling phase. I hate my job but love what I do!! Respite needed. The urge to run against time to make money and adding to that, the numerous complex relationships snag we face in this crazy world. It makes me wonder what drives us so crazy in today's world that we face depression and propel us to hang on to a shoulder to cry. It's the world we live in where everything is equal to money and we gotta make it on our personal terms, no matter what it takes.
Who should take the blame? We as a society, human beings or the faulty education system which makes us ill-equipped to faced life and where we restrict ourselves solely to the rat race, gunning for excellence. It makes it difficult for us to pick our thread when we fall down. Ethics and moral values are overlooked where we justify everything that suits us. We need a shoulder to cry and provide us with temporary relief, some sexual and emotional pleasure that will hurt us in the long-run.
As human beings, we lead lonely lives and in the turbulent phase, many will not flinch from indulging in extra-marital sex or be unsure of our place in a marriage. It's this phase where we make competition the whole of our existed and lie defeated, doing things that we think is very common in life. I often wonder how we crumble and become emotional wreck at the slightest set back. We are so unprepared to deal with so many things on a professional level where stress get the better of us. The result is scary: emotional break down and heart attack.
It's just that we are running after money and to be on the top of the game, racing ahead to fight against the wheel of time. In this sheer madness, we may hurt people by forcing ourselves to relationship that ain't working and in the process, destroy lives. We put a face and compromise on our ethical and moral values/
I am yet to see a solution to see the problems we face in this crazy world. May be, quick fix where we jump into fast food relationships which is hardly a solution. Loneliness can be damaging to the self! Values are compromised. 
Perhaps, we, as human beings, need to stop for  a while so that the soul can breath free and figure out stuffs. The body may not be well-oiled and need to take rest and too much burden can wreck life. I am not judging what we get into but am unable to find an answer. Should we quit and abandon our dreams and happiness in a job or relationship that is draining us? At times, I lack the courage to do things the way I want it to be and feel older than a 70-year-old. In that way, our elders were way better than us by living a simple life and having control on their lives. I need an answer that is fast, super efficient and rationale.
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