The young boy in love and his angel

The letter was folded neatly in the cheap two rupees envelope and nicely tucked inside his short. Jim slipped away from home and hopped on the truck travelling out of the city. Little Jim has an arrangement with the truck driver who takes him at the post office, miles away from the village,  every Tuesday.  In exchange, Jim hides food inside his school tiffin to share with the old man who takes him to the post office where he would drop hand-penned letter in the letter box.
Sitting at the nearest railway station near his dingy cottage, he would write letter during the night before walking back home. It's been a year that Jim writes imaginary letters to the nameless girl who came in his dream. He wanted to meet her and bore his heart out, mustering courage to tell how beautiful she is.
She comes in his dream, dressed like a white swan, ruffling his hair and planting a kiss on his cheek. Jim would smile in his dream and looking to meet his princess. In his world, she is the only one that matters. The letter was addressed to the white mermaid.
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'Dear Princess'
You always torture me in my sleep. I can't find you. Why you never speak to me and suddenly disappear in the dust? I loove it when you kiss me on the cheek. You are elder to me but you are a princess, flawless. I am drawn to you. I want to meet you. Where are you? I loove you loads. Will you be mine?

It's been weeks that Jim has been waiting for a reply from the post office. Every time, the security would chase him away ruthlessly. He wore a dejected look and hopped on the truck, not uttering a word during the journey back home. 
The truck driver asked him, 'What happened, Sony boy? So silent, today.'
Jim broke into tears, 'She doesn't love me.'
Finally, Jim confessed his story after being coaxed by his friend. The kind truck driver, tried not to laugh and understood his childhood friend. 'See! Boy! Don't worry. I will find you a girl who will love you. It's a promise.'
The next day,  the truck stopped near his house. A beautiful girl, dressed in white salwar kameez, slowly got down the truck and walked with care towards Jim. She hugged him, "Jim! Sorry. I love you loads. I was busy.' She kissed him gently on his cheek.
Jim was confused, "But, you don't look like her in dreams.'
She smiled, "It's a dream. You see. I don't want the world know how much I love you. I changed my appearance so that the world doesn't know about us.'
Jim gave her a soft peck on her lip and clutched her hands, refusing to let her go. The truck driver winked at her niece. On their way back, the truck driver laughed, "Jim is a kid and will get out of it. I want him to be happy. Thanks a lot."
"Any time, uncle," she smiled.
That night, Jim slept peacefully, expressed the brightest smile.She didn't come in his dreams.

With Love

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