Chasing her dreams

Chasing her dream,
she left the family cocoon;
Meeting with resistance, she almost sacrificed her identity
for her parents happiness;
In no time, she was on the verge of tears, nearing depression
and unhappiness;
Her soul mate told her, if you cannot be happy, you cannot make anyone happy;
One day, she took the bold steps;
She had to;
After all, being stuck in her old life was suffocating her;
They were angry with her,
but she decided to soar in the sky,
in quest of happiness and identity;
No one knew about her where about,
but she was happy to live in oblivion of her near and dear ones,
to make her dreams come true;
She faced disappointment in love and turned down by the factory of hope and expectations,
broken inside but not yet out;
Picking herself and keep walking,
that was her mantra to lead a fulfilled life.

With Love
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