Sunday Gupshup

I love Sundays, the joy of waking up late, chilling reading the news websites, HT Brunch is one of my favorites and sipping coffee to heaven. It's been a tiring and frustrating work, longing to explore new avenue, going back to the root read Mumbai and covering new heights, dying to be in the land of Sheikh Dubai. 
It's been a late wake up call today post 10.30, a far cry when waking up past noon would be considered to be early by my standard. Still relishing the few minutes of the upswing despite the lull where I interviewed the new Head of State of Mauritius, Dr Ameenah Gurib Fakim a renowned scientist, the country where I am currently located, first time a woman in the tiny island. I conducted two interviews of her in a span of three weeks and the day she was officially proclaimed, clicked for the shutterbug with her. What I loved about the sound byte to me is how she is proud of her Indian origin and paid tribute to Indian expatriates across the globe.
With the new Head of State of Mauritius, Dr Ameenah Gurib Fakim

As I look around in the room, I see copies of magazines, India Today and The Week, which I gotta road and scattered on the table. The blog is something I gotta give attention on a Sunday and hence, speaking to you guys. There are so much I wanna do on a Sunday but end up not doing, watching movie, writing in the diary and weaving short stories. Oh! Hell! That too on a Sunday.
Gotta break the monotony of sitting with eyes straight in front of the lap top and getting all teary-eyes when I miss my city, amchi Mumbai, watching it on You Tube. It feels like yesterday I was sitting and walking past the boulders and sea wave at Marine Drive, spending Sundays at Bandra Bandstand, walking past Shah Rukh Khan's house, all for a few rupees travelling by train and BEST Buses. 
Google India: Bandra Bandstand
Or, the mouth-watering Paani Puri before heading to Barista for an amazing cuppa coffee, admiring the beauties, Sandras in Bandra. Oh! Hell! Give me back my life in Mumbai. I dunno when I shall be back in Mumbai for good and till then, flash back of memories gives me satisfaction.
That's the lazy me on a Sunday. I wonder what one should do on a Sunday, sitting in the room, listening to music or writing and watching a movie. Till the bye, bye, shall make some drinks in the evening and whatsapp some friends.

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