The fire of hell, passionate love

They say opposite attract,
it was the changing season and the flame of love burned like in hell.
She was the in-your-face rebel and living life dangerously.
He was the idealist, brooding silently in a corner and was aloof.
Timid he was to approach a girl.
Yet! They met in the most unique way,
sharing a cup of tea at the tea stall.
Their eyes made contact with each other, caught in the flurry passion.
It was poisonous hell, longing for each other.
They made savage love to each other, passionately kissing and tearing each other's clothes.
Their naked souls were drowned into each other,
bodies doing the talking.
Deep inside, they knew that one they shall be burned in the fire of hell,
breaking social barriers and boundaries for 
they knew it was the ultimate love,
nothing ever mattered to them.
One day, their love was ravaged by the boundaries crossed.
The world was out to exterminate them,
as they tread dangerously in the world of extreme,
They were condemned, judged and dealt with ruthless death.
Two bodies assaulted on the middle of the road as their hearts pierced by gun shots.

With Love
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