10 Things about Me

Hey folks,
Hope you doing well and enjoying life, king size. There are certain thing about me, which never cease to surprise 'truly yours' and how about blowing your mind on a Sunday. Here, you go and it's a throw back.

1. Silent movie
I can range from being over enthusiastic and go soundless, by being a silent movie. I am known to bring the house down by being a moronic fool, to make people laugh and the next moment, going totally silent, withdrawing in my shelf by not speaking a single word. Well! That's me.

2. Day dreamer
I dream of almost anything, being a celebrity, an actor to performing at awards. Most of the time is spent dreaming of raking crores and it can be anything, ok! It's bad habit, I know, but this is how dreams are churned out.

3.  Solo conversationalist
Now, this is something many don't know about me. I am a solo conversationalist and enjoy speaking to the self when I am not ranting on Facebook or Twitter. Speaking to self is a crazy exercise that I enjoy doing which I feel is very productive and good for the self.

4. Need a kick in the butt
The laziest person on earth is yours truly and I need a kick in the butt, being constantly pushed to the edge to get things done. A jack of all trade and a master of none would fit my description where I'd plan to do so many things on one single day but end up doing none , like it happened today. So, I need to shouted at to achieve the extraordinary.

5.Hates over friendly people
My space is sacred for me and get defensive when people enter this space. Pointer for over friendly people: Mind it, I just hate you, the moment you come invited into my space and like an army general, I will fight infiltration.

6. Finicky and get personal
I get personal, over possessive and finicky over my personal stuffs, be it, my pens, mugs and glasses. I love collecting pens, books, mugs and water glasses. It's in very rare occasions that I can lend someone my books and first thing is that I should trust you. I have learned my lesson the hard way and there has been people who never gave back my books. I lost my personal mug in office where a moron took it on Friday and since then, it's been missing. There is no way I am going to use it ever again and gotta buy a new one. It's one of my pet peeves.

7. Re-create past
The past is gone, long and buried. I have the bad habit of longing to re-create the glorious and memorable past which I miss like hell, at times, be it college days or the amazing moment spent in Mumbai, my city. I long to be back in Maximum City to make new memories-to put it in a fresh manner- in the same place. I so miss those moments at Marine Drive, Bandra and often the memories come back vividly in the mind, the sirens of local trains or Best Buses in the morning. I am just in awe and loove the place.

8. Film buff
I am a film buff and cannot live without them. I breath cinema and can go bonkers, totally crazy if I spot movie stars. Often dreaming to be one of them, I die to watch the latest release, though for months I haven't been able to watch many movies. Thankfully, I was on a film spree during the last few months, watching amazing movies like Piku, Tanu Weds Manu Returns and Bombay Velvet. Yesterday, caught up with Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana and totally love it. There was one time where I would watch three movies in a week but owing to hectic work schedule, I am not able to follow my religion. The latter is cinema.

9. Awkward Me
I can get awkward with people, be it in a party or in a place filled with people which means walking  in front of a horde of people freaks me out. I can spend a minimum of one hour in a party and post that, I get bored. It almost an impossible task for me to strike a conversation with new people at times and it's one out of 10 that I would walk up to a stranger to strike a conversation. I hate doing that. Parties bore me to death now, a far cry from college days.

10. Rebel
I have always been a rebel who refuse to live life as prescribed with the norms of society. Call me a 'Rebel Without A Cause', it hardly matters for I believe in leading life on my own free will. Right from college days and now, where more than 10 years has passed, I still refuse to bow to the ways of the world be it pressure to settle down, believe in religion, Gods or rituals and follow the traditional route.


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