Tip, Toe, Tip, Toe! Flurry of rain!

Tip, Toe
Branches rattling on the window pane.
Wake up, time!! Tip Toe, Tip Toe
Rain falling on the roof like muddy grain..
Tip Toe, Tip Toe
Falling asleep to the sound of rain lashing,
ears witnessing its flurry soothing the mind.
Tip Toe, Tip Toe
It started raining,
The room is cold and temperature flashing the joy of childhood.
Tip Toe Tip Toe.
Dancing in the pool of water, playing street soccer.
The uniform get wet.
Tip Toe Tip Toe.
Moma scolding.
I walk up, gyrate to the rain
Tip Toe, Tip Toe.
Give me back my childhood and rain dance.

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