Monsoon Affair (5)

Monsoon Affair (5)

Varun speaks

Varun's head was perched towards the ceiling fan, observing its oscillating movement, eyeing the dust on the end of the device, in the wooden classroom. He was bored to death and simply not interested in the parrot words of the Economics lecture, a petite lady draped in a blue sari and hair tied in knots, explaining how India was the most industrialized nation in the world during the Angrez era and how the latter pilfered the machines, sending them to United Kingdom.
He tried to kill time, biting his nails and peered outside the window. The last thing he wanted to do was to sit through and try to make sense of what the lecturer is blurting out. It was raining outside. He thought, 'How I wish I could roam the street and catch butterflies. It's better than sitting through the hellish Economic lesson!' He flipped through his notebook and turned the last page. Started playing flame, scripting Huma and his name, scribbling the gateway of India, the former holding his hand and kissing by the water, walking inside Taj.
The hottest girl in college, Sonali, dressed in a white shirt and blue torn short, was eyeing him and smiling. He thought, 'The hottest chick in Xavier's looks equally bored.' Sonali was making advances to him, through the corner of her eyes scouting his movements, making sensual advance, biting her sensual lip, winked at him and caressing her long legs. Varun was distracted and turned his gaze away from her. Sonali made a naughty smile, a la Madhuri Dixit, aha, expression. He could have been jostled from the wooden bench.
Varun felt sleepy and was shaken by the roaring voice of Sangke Madam, 'You! Stand up, Varun!'
"Yes! Ma'am," he muttered.
The lecturer, spoke in a grave voice and expression of menace which almost shook Varun, "I have been observing you for a while. You have not been following my class at all, looking outside the window, scribbling in the empty note book and analyzing the ceiling fan.'
The whole class laughed and was stopped by a loud, "Silence, everybody. No laugh or whispering in my class."
She turned towards her favorite student, "Sonali! I am very disappointed with you. I've seen you and Varun exchanging eye candy expressions. This will not happen in my classroom. You come from a good family, your father and mother are respected judges in Mumbai and at least, don't fall sway to this useless guy."
Varun wanted to protest and tell that it was Sonali who was shamelessly flirting with him and he's is just  bored in the classroom. The angry Sangke Madam flipped her fingers and ordered, 'Ok both of you out.'
Varun felt like prancing, 'At least, I am getting chutkara from this boring lecture' but didn't realize  Sonali's worlds would give him a blow. "Ma'am! I have not done anything. It was Varun who was staring at me and winking at me every now and then, signalling me that we go outside, with his eyes expression," Sonali confidently lied.
He felt like strangling her to death and as he walked past Sonali, gave her a dreaded expression, 'You bitch. We have scores to settle.'
Sangke Madam continued her class and as Varun slowly walked out, she gave him a contemptuous look.
He forgot about Sonali's lies and advances, once he was out on the crowded street of Mumbai, enjoying the honking of cars, crowd and hawkers selling fake perfumes, belt, candies outside VT Station. He was enjoying standing outside the station, watching hordes of passengers, the rattling of trains and whistles of the station master when the image of Huma reached his soul and mind, struck him  like magic and sword pierced into his heart.
Varun knew that he was falling in love with the 'stranger' whom he met one fateful monsoon night and after two meeting, they indulged in passionate intimacy and sex. Deep inside, he was convinced that it was not just plain attraction or one night stand, and that he would feel incomplete without her.
It started raining heavily. Varun fearlessly walked in the rain, to experience every drop, seeping inside his white shirt, falling violently like grain drop on his face and he was suddenly feeling the beauty of falling in love.
He was carried away by the passion of love, falling in love every second by the presence of Huma, who was faraway from him yet he felt close to her. Varun longed for the presence of Huma and her perfect beauty. Nothing mattered to him. He was enjoying the divine feeling of walking, drenched in the heavy gush of water flowing till his knees and relishing the solitude of falling in love. Suddenly everything felt so romantic, divine and flawless.
Varun didn't realize that his steps took him as far as Colaba where he walked miles and back to Rajabhai Tower, Fort, surrounded by trees and flowers. He spotted a butterfly and like an innocent child, he held the butterfly in the palm of his hand. The blue butterfly suddenly sprang to life and out of the blue, transmitted its thoughts to him, "Dude! Huma is hiding something and will never fall in love with you. You are being carried away, captivated by her beauty. It's not love but lust. You are  being carried away by the moment where everything seems so beautiful. It's Maya and you are trapped by the fire of ignorance. You will burn in hell. Huma will never leave you in a lurch and is a ruthless woman."
"No," he protested. "It cannot happen to me. I am a strong person yet why I feel so gloomy when Huma is not around. But, what she has to hide? Nothing. Yet! Why I feel she is a mystery?"
As he looked for the butterfly to respond, it has has already disappeared out of thin air and in the flick of seconds. Varun is hallucinating and it's his inner voice speaking to him where it came this time in the form of the beautiful butterfly.
Varun finds himself plodding his steps inside the gate of the University and sat on the bench. He opened his bag and flipped open his notebook:

Butterfly moment adorning my life,
suddenly everything seems so beautiful and divine;
Strumming of guitar and drums beat inside my heart.
Everything comes to life like tinkling of bells inside the heart.
Is it love?

He didn't realized that the gel ink flowed on the blank pages of the note book and he gently closed it,  slipping inside the bag. Stroke of panic encapsulated him and he suddenly felt dizzy, 'No, it can't be happening to me. It was just plain attraction and sex.'

(To be continued in next chapter.....)


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