Encounter with his angel

Kabir waited at the railway station. It was 1.40 a.m. The last train has already departed and the station wore a deserted look, inhabited by flies and few police officers, resting their legs on the red plastic chairs and rifles lying on the decrepit wall.
He looks bored and laughed at his own stupidity, for missing the train. After all, it was the matter of few extra drinks that he stayed over and convinced by pals. Wanting to kick himself on the bum, he told himself, 'Now, there is no option to go to Bandra and I cannot obviously walk home in the middle of the night.
Suddenly, a tall shadow crept and he upped his gaze to see a beautiful, flawless face dressed in a red salwar kameez and hair falling on her shoulders. She looks dazzling and it reminds him the stories of angels narrated by Grand pa at bed time. "You will find her one day when she will pop in front of you," he remembers the words of the wise old man,
She smiles to him in an effortless manner that melt his heart and forgot all his woes for a while, Kabir was automatically drawn to her as her steps moved away from her railway station. He followed her as she crossed the field and disappeared in the by lanes, inhabited by dingy match-boxed houses. The beautiful woman suddenly disappeared and Kabir turned around, his eyes craving for her. Suddenly, he jumped on his feet with a shriek when he sensed someone gently caressing him on the shoulder. She surfaced in front of him like an enigma, coming straight from another world. There was something mysterious about her who looked exactly like the girl he flirted with in the dance bar. Before disappearing, this beautiful woman, tresses falling on her face seductively touched his hand, "Come. Let's go to heaven together," She disappeared in the flick of second.
Earlier, during the day, newspapers reported of a shoot out at Chameli dance bar in the outskirt of Mumbai when one of the girls, Seema, succumbed to the firing between two rival gangs.

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