Monsoon Affair (1)

This is the first series of a novella which I am presented to you people. It's a romance story set against the backdrop of monsoon in Mumbai. Enjoy the first chapter
It started raining heavily in Mumbai. It was the first shower where people dropped umbrellas to enjoy droplets of water falling on their heads and faces. Kids started prancing on the streets and by the sea. After all, it was the first rain in the city where crazy lots were doing somersault, women removing chappal to walk in the rain and running down the stairs to get wet. Maximum City opened their hearts to happiness after a long anticipation for the blessing of the Gods of the rain. Young couples waited for the moment to get intimate sitting on the boulder, petting each other and smooching, facing the furious wind and rain water splashing on their faces. The monsoon lady arouses lovers as they indulged in passionate intimacy.
All of a sudden, the rain grew furious in Maximum City and soon the local trains started running late, roads were transformed into seas and rivers. Passengers were stranded at railway stations, waiting for hours and trains moved at snail pace. Traffic was brought to a halt as the water level was rising in the city. It's going to be mayhem, the people feared. It's been hours that commuters were stranded, no signs of trains reaching the railway station and the rain continued unabated and grew furious as hours passed. Cars, buses and bikes were floating like paper boats on streets transformed into rivers.
The stuck commuters barged into the office of the already panicky railway officer and shouted to the latter and the cops trying to intervene. "Every time, same old story. We need a solution. You, guys, can't expect us to spend the night here, away from our homes."
Finally, the angry people relented and knowing that there is little they could do, spreading themselves on the floor and holding babies, children on their stomach. It was 11 p.m.
Dressed in black salwar kameez, she pulled her jet black hair that fell on her shoulders, backpack on her tiny shoulders and eyes scouting for a comfortable place to sit. There was none at the already crowded Dadar station. Her legs were paining and plodded her steps with utmost difficult, almost verging on tears. The only thing that preoccupied her mind was the teddy-bear gifted by Dad and who always cuddled to her in the room in the sky rise at her expensive apartment at Parel.
As she moved and flitted around the station, someone was eyeing her every move, admiring her steps, face and fair features. He was speechless, standing drenched in his blue denims, white tee and leather jackets with mouth wide open. 'I want to get drown into her eyes. It's the liquor of life. How can someone be so beautiful,' he told himself.
He was struck by her divine beauty and charm. Deep inside, he knew that he has to speak to her since he was automatically drawn to her. There are some people who touches your heart and soul, captivating your imagination like magnet.
Watching her move, he pretended to walk towards the truck where she was sitting on the platform. He was standing close to her and pretended to be anxious, bending his leg in air, adjacent to the track and thrusting his body to get a peek of the train at a looming distance.
She stood like statue, unfazed when he turned around, "Hi! Varun."
She tried to ignore him and kept walking, turned for two seconds, looked straight into his eyes with a severe look and turned her back to him. He was at her heels and tried to smile, "I said Hi."
Turning around, she said, "Listen! Please don't bug me or else I am going to create a scene here in front of everyone. I don't even know who you are and am not interested. Can't you see it." She walked away. He was left speechless and disappointed.

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