Much Ado Nothing

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My keyboard got fired at home. Sneaking on the office comp to write this post as I wrapped up work fourty minutes earlier which gives me enuf time to blog. Trust me, it’s damn screwy when you can’t blog at home. Me have the virtual thing but it’s quite depressing to put a long post. It’s quite tiring as well.
I almost had a frustrating week as a report. Chalked out a plan to write a multitude of stories but unfortunately it’s not happening. Except three stories on Desi Boyz, including one review. It’s pura tp and me like it. Theek hai kuch khaas nahin hai, nay sayers will argue. But, considering it’s the first outing of Rohit Dhawan, he presented an entertaining flick leaving no scope for logic. This female Chitrangadha Singh is damn gorgeous as the Economics teacher and how I wish I had such a sexy eco teacher. I would study for the whole night.
Coming back to work, I need to work out something from next week as in the future I am expected to bring 2 stories daily. Hope all ends well. Fingers crossed. Some of the stuffs didn’t worked out, though today submitted 2 stories. Well, that’s part of the sorrow @work. I am super excited for my holidays which will kick in month and looking forward for New Year bash in Goa, drinking the fenny. Super elated to visit the city of dreams and unlimited..amchi Mumbai and I gonna revisit the years down the lane. This reminds me that I need to confirm 2 days booking @ YMCA in Mumbai Central. Gotta a huge shopping list in Mumbai and Goa and on December 24, I gotta attend a rock show where a pal of mine will perform. Rock On!
Been reading and almost over with 40 rules of love. It’s a superb book with a background on Sufism and complete page turner. I strongly recommend the book to anyone and believe me it will change your lives forever. Another Coelho in the making and excellence will be an understatement to the beauty of Philosophy. It is based on the life of poet Rumi and speaks of the prejudice of mankind who easily uses religion for their end. Just google the author, people. It’s Elif Shafak. In between I am also reading something called Joys and Sorrows @Work. Title is quite tricky and was expecting something on the lines of frustration and joy. However, the author chooses to speak on different industries. Anyway, I shall post my own adaptation on the blog. It will be loosely based on ma professional life.
Watched the promos of Abhishek, Bipasha and Sonam Players. It’s amazing and looks like Abbas-Mastan are back in form. It’s damn thrilling and apparently Abhi has performed some dare devil stunts. I’m dying to watch on January 6 at E-Square plex in Pune.Looks like the week is coming to an end. We shall catch up very soon.



Happy birthday, dude. Wassup?

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Celebrating your birthday, dear friend.
It seems as if everything happened yesterday.
It's been 5 years when you left all of us and went into your world.
Tears has stopped flowingas we made peace with your not being.
Still remember when I received the news that you are no more, life suddenly stopped.
It was unfair.
I was like how and why?
Life is strange and death being a part of life is stranger.
How can one explain that the person we care for is with us at one moment.
Yet, the next moment the body and flesh is no more.
Only fond memories remains.

Hey folks, today is the budday of my buddy, Sudhendhu. He is no more with us. He drowned at the Khadakvala dam in Pune. That was in 2006. How time flies!!! Today, I am recollecting the wonderful times spent together and it feels like we are having a whisky together, sharing a cup of chai and a smoke. These were the times. But, wound heals over time. One comes to terms with the absence of someone in life.
This was the time when I seriously questioned life, death and the presence of God as well. Does life really exist or it is a metaphor? The theory of existence, if holds ground doesn't need to deal unpleasant surprises to our state of being.  How do we know that we exist or ceased to exist? Does  
the air we breath is ample proof of our existence as human entities? Answers soughts.
With the passage of time, I made an effort to speak to his soul and it gives me peace. It also helped towards the realization that Sudhendhu is still presence among us. Trust me on that count, it takes away the grief.
Today it's his birthday and he would have been present among us. We wished him on Facebook and will scrap him in a while on Orkut. Spoke to him and I felt his presence and the good vibes. Once someone told me that whenever we think of the loved ones who are no more, we become closer to them and they reciprocate the feeling. Whenever, we go through turbulent phase in lfe, they send us the blessings and unexpected help. How I wish it was true! I know it's true.

Happy birthday dude.
Let's raise a toast to your well-being?
Wassup in the sky?
Neways, when the time is ripe to join you, we shall continue the much animated discussion.
Time off,buddy.

Have a blast.
Catch up soon.



Magic cap

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Do you know the story of my lucky cap? Of course not. I've never told you bout my black cap. It's the cap that I lost several times and collected it in office. Once I left it in the company car and got it two days back and then on another day left it in the welcome lounge in the office. Someone who caught a glance of me wearing the cap gave it back to its rightful owner. That's me. Last Friday, I left it in the office and recovered it one week later. That is yesterday. And I thought I lost it forever since it was not on my desk but the desk next to me. This reinforced the belief that it's lucky for me and why not, it proved to be one lucky asset on more than one time. My prized possession.
The cap was a gift I got at Mc Donald near CST for buying a value meal. I had a choice and got the cap which was in itself a lovely gift. At that time, the first season of Khatron ke Khiladi hosted by Akshay Kumar was about to be launched and they were indulging in a promotional campaign. They associated themselves with Mc Do, Colours and Viacom 18. As I munched my filet-o-fish which was a favorite at one time and sipping Pepsi, I happily put my gift on my head and hopped on the crowded local at CST en route to Andheri. No wonder, like a kid I showed to almost everyone that matters with a spark in my eyes.
The cap has been sheltering me from the scorching sun for more than 3 years now and like a sweet angel, it protected me. Once, twice and thrice lost it found a way in my room. We all have a protecting angel and lucky cap been here for me and showed its loyalty.
He seems to be telling me, don't worry I am and will always be there to protect you. Even if I'm lost just think me and shall come to you. No, you are not allowed to shed droplets of tears for me. After all, I am your lucky charm that helps you face the challenges of life.Touché  magic hat. I christen you magic hat and I know that you will work wonder in my love life, career and money tree. We all have our lucky stripe. Just like Amitabh had his Billa 786 in Don and Coolie, dear cap you are Billa. But, I don't wanna assign a number plate to you coz you are too valueless. Giving you a number would mean reducing your value to nought. You are a member of my family and shall do everything from now to protect you and nothing on earth can and will seperate us. I shall take care of you till I exist. Everyone who try to harm you shall do so over my dead body.
We all possess things that we treausre in life. Only when the thing or person is gone from our life we realize it's woth. When you left me for your joyride I started missing you and realized your importance in my life. The days when noone wanted to shelter my silly head you were to protect me and save me from a headache. You are so selfless in this world composed of people with their own personal interests. The Lord never assigned a life and a human heart to you yet you are full of life and has a heart of gold. You keep me going and is never tired to accompany to my longest journey in life. Will you accompany me to my grave some day? Nopes buddy. You have to decide whether you wanna be with me or be the guardian angel to someone else. Our relationship is not limited to together but what lies within us.
Love you moi magic cap



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The count down starts. 34 days from now on I shall be in maximum city. It's been a long wait and it's worth the wait. I left Mumbai on September 22, 2007 as I bid farewell to the city of dreams. I left the city, heart broken and shattered. My heart broke on that day as tears dropped on my cheek. I had to leave the city. I needed a break, cutting me off from the local trains, yellow-and-black cabs and turned my face to love. I loved and lost. Chanda told me, ya dude do get out of the city. You need a break. Honestly, I suffered from a terrible break up and staying in the city would mean thinking of the past things that hapened to me.
In a sense it's been good. Lotsa things changed for better. I was able to surmount the heart break. I've come clean inside. I shall be in the city for a week. I can't wait to kiss Mumbai and everything that matters. I can't wait to board the local to Andheri, hang out at Churchgate, Marine Drive, Colabo. Mumbai rocks. It is the best city in the world. A city that never sleeps. I love the city and when you are not with someone that you realize its worth. Mumbai,my city, my love. A city that never cease to amaze me. Our never say die the spirit. It's amazing and intriguing how we bounce back after every bomb blast. The people are amazing. There is never a dull moment in amchi Mumbai.
I'm already making plans as to where to go on Day 1, where to eat, whom to meet. It's like running into the arms of your muse. Mumbai is my muse and shall always be. Our love is forever and ever. It is an adictive place. Since I have few days leave I shall try to do the maximum in the city and looking forward to meet old chums, make new friends and sip my Capuccino at Barrista and hang out at Bandra Bandstand. I'm back with a revenge and it's time for em to triumph in Mumbai. How things changed for me in a short span of time and shall witness the change that's happening in the city. I shall witness the fast paced life.
Do commuters still rush in the early morning to catch the local train to their workplace? Of course, they do. Do you guys still have chai at 1 a.m at Churchgate station and savour your bun with jelly. Most definitely. What kind of stupid question is that? Or the cutting chai at Rajabhai Tower, university of Mumbai and the walk from university to Colaba..the crazy run of cabbies and hordes of onlookers at Juhu Chowpathy and the coffee at CCD. These were the golden years or so I may call it. It was a crazy life in Mumbai and it's still..I'm sure for crores Mumbaikars. The struggle for a better life and to make the moolah. It's never been easy in Mumbai.
They say a life time is enough to assess the power Mumbai has over its citizens. One life is not enough to know even a third of Mumbai. Do you still recall running from one place to another to hunt for a flat in the city. SoBo..too expensive, Bandra not in the budget, Virar you can't stay and Andheri is the only decent option. It has new shopping malls budding up and the solution is always the BEST buses and the local trains if your college or workplace or film studio is located in the South or West. I still vividly remember studying in the library at Kalina campus and dashing to board the train at Santacruz, It's 8 p.m and as you juggle you way in the jam packed local, you tend to count the number of stations to reach the last stop as you are dead tired. No problem if you manage to get a seat you open your bag to read The Economic Times. As the train slowly approaches Churchgate station, you get down cautiously if you don't wanna be pushed by commuters who are waiting to enter the train. It's a crazy run. Yet! We adore the city.

It's a love-hate-love relationship we share.
Sometimes I get so fed up with you that I wanna leave everything and go.
But, only to realize how much I miss you.
Yoy are my special city.
You are mot just a city.
After all, you wear the Queen's necklace.
So vibrant, full of energy.
No wonder lakhs converge everyday to rest on your shoulder.
Like a dutiful mother you carry our burden.
We suffer in your lap yet we prosper.
Some of us finds love, while other suffer break up.
Yet, our love for you knows no limits.
As I ready myself to find solace in you,
I can't tell on the amount of excitement to be with you.
I wish that we shall unite for better and worse.
Love you my city.
My amchi Mumbai.


He Who Must Not Be Named

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I wanna seek admission to the skool of magik..Yesterday I was running a 100 degree fever and mom chided me into drinking the safron milk..Yuck! Yuck! Yuck! How I hate milk. Milk make me sleep early. I had a dream bout the magic potion where I will fly on ma skool bus 'Tez express'. I met the ministry of magic. A dark, ugly fellow with a long nose who's gonna teach me magical skills. "Come i' shall teach you magic." he told. I hate him arrrgggggggh!!!!!
Bang on! Momma gave me a tight slap and was woken from ma magical dream. I went to skool. ha! How I hate skool..How I hate Miss Mary Popkins my maths teacher. I hate Maths. She is very wicked. I hate her short skirt showing her skinny legs. My 8 year old classmates admire her curve and legs. They find them sexy. I never listen to her. Today, I was painting my dream school of wizard..the magic faculty. I will prepare a potion of magic and use my wand and Popkins of the Mary skinny legs will drink the solution.I shall mix her silly blue chalk, with alcohol, black ribbon, one single grain of coffee, dust magic drink She will drink ma magic potion and she will shake with fear. Then, she will do all my homework and sit for my exams..This Mary Popkins who beats me with a stick. The drink will do strange things to her. I will make her fly and through my magic wand and will make her stick to the roof like a glue.
I will seriously seek admission to the magic skool of wizard. I will make everyone listen to me...Abracadabra, I shall utter and seal the mouth of aunt Jenny who doesn't do anything. She's the biggest gossip monger in my neighbourhood. I hate her. She always tell me,"Why are you coming home so late from skool." I hate her questions. She can never keep her mouth shut. It's so easy to make her drink the magic potion. I will make her steal stuffs from the Zahir shop. I will say, Adisalarenamagos....I will raise my magic wand. The police will take her away and see that she rots in jail.
In my skool of wizard, there is ma favourite Professor Lan. He speaks in the huge baritone and kind voice."Come Vishal I shall take you to the next level of wizard Muggle 2. Raise your broom stick and mix the solution and today we will create your alter ego. He shall guide you when there are dangers looming. When the vile creatures will try attack you he will appear and they will run after him thinking to be you. He has the broomstick power,a bsolutely unbreakable and bring them to the lake. Your enemies will jump in the lake. Son, tis the real surprise, This is the lake of hell. Hot water steaming inside and they shall never be able to come out of the lake. The steam will consume them like poison as they will slowly slink inside. But, son you shall never see your alter ego. He can see you. You only see his shadow, After they are killed your alter ego will take another form. He will keep changing his appearance so that no one can see his true self. No one ain't discover our lil tricks."
Professor is the best. There is no one like him in the wizard skool. How I wish I was the best of the best. My hero my model. They told me there was one Harry Potter. How I wish I become like him. The legend of magic I admire the most. He fought the evil Voldemort. But I've heard that Voldemorte the false lord has sent his discipline Alphagus who is after my life. The Lords of the lords Professor created two friends for me Heena and Rustum.We will stick together always and ever and will alert each other in times of danger. Heena is such a cracker and spend most of her time in the library researching on the magic potions, wands, wizardry skills and the evil who must not be named. He Who Must Not Be Named. When the time is right we shall look for him and administer the wizard syringe on his ass!!! Forever and ever he shall die and his castle of evil will crumble.
Last time, we went to the house of one evil creature, the fat and ugly fuck ass, his even fatter and over sized wife big ass and their son dumo ass. They were incensed when they looked at us."Listen kids no magic in my house. Do you bloody understand that. We are mango'oose people. Fuck ass was going to call the police when Rustum took my magic ass and sourced the code 123 YK and Heena repeated abramcadrabam selfinelittaneeeee. The house started to shake and all the furniture in the house came down. Poor dumb ass. He was crying and looking for his Momma and Pop as fuck ass was flown out of the window and landed in the garden. Big ass seized the hand of dumb ass and implored us to stop.
All three of us ran way from the house of the mango'oose and entered our Hogwart X press helicopter. I was curious and asked Heena to teach me the trick. At first she was reluctant and told me that she will. But for that I a've to be patient and accompany her in the library, reading on magic and wizard. Rustum was silent and didn't spoke a word during the trip.
To be continued


Shaadi fixation

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Spoke to a friend after ages on phone and was so shocked when he asked me, Dude have you got married? and I was like Noooo. To which he replied, I would not be surprised coz everyone is getting married. Don't blame him as I can't understand why everyone is getting married as if there will be no tomorrow. I am not preaching anything nor I am interfering into people's personal lives nor am I advocated something on bachelor-kinda status. It's like the big marriage season is in.
I am an ineligible bachelor in my own eyes though I know for families I am quite a pataka..just joking..eligible bachelor. I remember someone coming home with some rishta and when I reached home Mom told me about that. There is a cousin of mine with whom I was chatting when he was studying medecine in Russia. Dude, since that time this guy was telling me that before he goes back to his hometown, he had already asked his momma-dearest to find a nice, decent, educated girl with Indian values. It was soooo funny. After some unsuccessful match making and meeting some gals, he finally found someone on the arranged marriage kinda fixation. His Momma no doubt was so proud of future daughter-in-law..young graduate working in a banking corporation and is studying law by distant. Wow! I'm so proud of cousin!!!!!
But, somehow I can't understand the whole marriage via shaadi kinda business. For once, I don't feel the need why i should get married so soon. Abhi mere umar kya hai, yaaar? I feel someone should get married of he or she wants to not because you are out of college, have a successful career or give a heir to your parents. And please, don't give me the shit that you are growing day by day and you shall be stepping in your late 20s or early 30s or that the time your children will step in university of life, you will be quite old. It's so shitty, traditional and conservative. I have faced it and refuse to accept it coz I live life on my own terms. That's my reality.
I can't understand how hypocrite can we get and the double standards that we display is grossly indecent and shameful. For a guy we want the domesticated girl who doesn't smoke, drink or party. she must be ready to perform prayers or rituals at home, look after ma and pa-in laws but we don't mind dating the super hot chick in town and hitting the disc every Saturday night coz we need to get laid. But,we will not accept our wife to party. We should get rid of this double standard and as a guy I am incensed when a woman who parties all night is branded a slut and the oh! You can't marry her. Abbe maderchod who are you to decide for me and I am going to sleep with her and make babies not you. Why are you so concerned about my life? It's my life and I'm quite sane to decide what is good or bad for me.
Another shocking attitude which I have encountered: If you don't marry now young girls will not marry you and what you'll get is a divorcee. So what? is it a sin that someone is a divorcee? Relationships sometimes work and sometimes doesn't and what the fuck if someone is a divorcee and may be the relationship has gone bad and one doesn't have the right to label her as a woman of low virtues. Virtues is all about ethics, honesty and integrity and not those craps as it's been present in society.
For once and all, lemme put it clear: I don't know about tomorrow but I don't believe in marriage. i would prefer to be in a live-in relationship. As it is I don't need a certificate from society to live with the woman I love and if problems crop up, we can leave it at this point. We don't need to go through all the paper works of divorce. I am being plain honest here. That's it.


World of false pretense

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We live in difficult times as we lurch forward to pretend be someone we never was, is and never will be. Why is it so difficult to be ourselves and feels happy to be who we are? Well, that's life for some I guess!!!! There is one guy in office who we all know is gay. His attitude, the way he walks and mannerism..Not that I have a problem with that. I never had any problem with homo or lesbians and that will never happen. Living one's sexuality is the right to life and is a matter of choice.
What amuses me is how this guy hits on practically every gal in the office to an irritating level. Sure, the girls laughs back and play the pretense game, feigning their ignorance at his sexuality. What stupido ignores is that by trying to be the dude people will not notice his sexuality. Like last time he was acting funnily with a girl telling her, tell your boyfriend that our love is stronger and the other one, you didn't miss me the time you were on the trip with your husband. I feel like laughing. Dude, just be yourself and people will respect you for what you are rather than what you are not.
Someone has chosen to be gay or lesbian and it is entirely their take to live this life on their own. True, we cannot stop people from condemning someone. But, who cares as long as you lead your own life, they don't feed you. Nobody owes anyone some kinda explanation. I have nothing against people attracted to same-sex. I mean my sexual orientation differ from them but over the years I have learned to appreciate them and there are some wonderful people among the gay community.
However, what pisses me is when someone try to acts smart and shows what he's not. It can really nurture criminal tendency in me and when you over do things to show your maschism to women and try to prove that you can bed them. First of all, you are not even macho or can't bed women. So why put up this pretense? To a certain extent, our guy has created a self impression,oh! He hits on every woman who joins the office and he is damn happy and proud of this false impression that he is some kind of hunk. I dunno perhaps it boost his ego and makes him feel good. It's also a way to crave and gain an acceptance in a society in which he lives. Make no mistake bout it..This society riddled with prejudices can and will never accept you the way you are. So why try hard and just tell them to fuck off. I am What I AM!!!!! In what world some people live I don't understand. But, then not everyone have the guts to be a non-conformist.Well, I guess that's life for some.
If I could write a whole book on this guy, it should come in a dozen volumes and must be huge stuff to carry. Sometimes, if I feel like laughing my ass off I can just listen to this guy speaking. Man!!!! He speaks so much crap to the ladies and one of them brandished him as pervert. Well, his lack of confidence about himself speaks volume. He really give the impression of being despo and he could easily pass off as a sadist. I pity him and the impression he has created about himself. Get real dude!!!!
Enter person no.2: He's a senior in the office and is over 60. Basically, a comedy show who doesn't think what he speaks not once, twice, thrice or zillion times. He's got a fixation: He's the best and no one can be like him. In a sense, he's our daily dose of entertainment and a confused package of funny, anger. He tries to be cool and his ultimate aim is to hit on every new girl that joins office. Mind you, these guys are not even a quarter of his age. At one moment, he will be very angry ready to break everything and the next moment, the funniest character in the office. He always has a story to tell us. At times it can be funny but it always end up to be irritating. He's an intelligent guy but often I don't know what happens to him. He will always make trivial issue become damn serious.The fact is that he wanna give the impression to the boss and pretend that he is. He often tells us that if he wants on his own he  can bring down the government. He overacts and you gotta listen to him with a straight face or else he might think that you are not listening and he will get very angry.
I mean why why a person can get so much angry and try to show that he is the one, the boss. I mean we respect him and make him vet some work because he's the senior. Still, he is not satisfied at times. Whooa! This guy is something and when he is drunked, he acts so funny. The man wanna prove to be something he is not. Man! He can be a real maniac and sadist sometimes. This is one guy that I may not be able to forget, never ever in my life coz he is so weird, funny. It's a hard task to gauge his emotions and moods. Man! When he gets angry he can really bring the house down. The next day when he will come, he will act as if nothing ever happened.
The remarks he make on things and matters will make you laugh..of course at his own expense. After some time, he will come to your desk and narrate some  stories that happened in his village. If you are too busy, he will say,No, You have to listen it's part of your education. Once we are discussing something related to work and he told me how someone in her family run away with a guy or his nephew was sleeping with his servant and the poor wife lost her husband. Of course, there were not an iota of truth in them.
Why can't people get real? OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Love in times of hope

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A ray of sunlight, a glimpse of hope as the sun shines on us.
It's a beautiful day with loads of promises.
Hope never went out of the window.
Our life is built on promises and hopes.
Yet, it never went away.
It's just that we lost it when things were down.
The sunny day simply remind us that life us so beautiful.
Let's embrace life and the shimmer of glory that awaits us.
It's a beautiful life.
Love all over the place.
It's like falling in love for the first time.
As we forget all the past grudges, sporting a smile to everyone.
The whole world suddenly matters to us.
Love is the most beautiful feeling.
It makes us hopeful.
It brings a radiant smile to our face.
Spread the good vibes, energy and cheerz to the world.
They sometimes call it the malfunction of the brain.
But, without a heart how would they be able to think.
Now make them understand that a happy heart is the way to happiness and hope.