He Who Must Not Be Named

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I wanna seek admission to the skool of magik..Yesterday I was running a 100 degree fever and mom chided me into drinking the safron milk..Yuck! Yuck! Yuck! How I hate milk. Milk make me sleep early. I had a dream bout the magic potion where I will fly on ma skool bus 'Tez express'. I met the ministry of magic. A dark, ugly fellow with a long nose who's gonna teach me magical skills. "Come i' shall teach you magic." he told. I hate him arrrgggggggh!!!!!
Bang on! Momma gave me a tight slap and was woken from ma magical dream. I went to skool. ha! How I hate skool..How I hate Miss Mary Popkins my maths teacher. I hate Maths. She is very wicked. I hate her short skirt showing her skinny legs. My 8 year old classmates admire her curve and legs. They find them sexy. I never listen to her. Today, I was painting my dream school of wizard..the magic faculty. I will prepare a potion of magic and use my wand and Popkins of the Mary skinny legs will drink the solution.I shall mix her silly blue chalk, with alcohol, black ribbon, one single grain of coffee, dust magic drink She will drink ma magic potion and she will shake with fear. Then, she will do all my homework and sit for my exams..This Mary Popkins who beats me with a stick. The drink will do strange things to her. I will make her fly and through my magic wand and will make her stick to the roof like a glue.
I will seriously seek admission to the magic skool of wizard. I will make everyone listen to me...Abracadabra, I shall utter and seal the mouth of aunt Jenny who doesn't do anything. She's the biggest gossip monger in my neighbourhood. I hate her. She always tell me,"Why are you coming home so late from skool." I hate her questions. She can never keep her mouth shut. It's so easy to make her drink the magic potion. I will make her steal stuffs from the Zahir shop. I will say, Adisalarenamagos....I will raise my magic wand. The police will take her away and see that she rots in jail.
In my skool of wizard, there is ma favourite Professor Lan. He speaks in the huge baritone and kind voice."Come Vishal I shall take you to the next level of wizard Muggle 2. Raise your broom stick and mix the solution and today we will create your alter ego. He shall guide you when there are dangers looming. When the vile creatures will try attack you he will appear and they will run after him thinking to be you. He has the broomstick power,a bsolutely unbreakable and bring them to the lake. Your enemies will jump in the lake. Son, tis the real surprise, This is the lake of hell. Hot water steaming inside and they shall never be able to come out of the lake. The steam will consume them like poison as they will slowly slink inside. But, son you shall never see your alter ego. He can see you. You only see his shadow, After they are killed your alter ego will take another form. He will keep changing his appearance so that no one can see his true self. No one ain't discover our lil tricks."
Professor is the best. There is no one like him in the wizard skool. How I wish I was the best of the best. My hero my model. They told me there was one Harry Potter. How I wish I become like him. The legend of magic I admire the most. He fought the evil Voldemort. But I've heard that Voldemorte the false lord has sent his discipline Alphagus who is after my life. The Lords of the lords Professor created two friends for me Heena and Rustum.We will stick together always and ever and will alert each other in times of danger. Heena is such a cracker and spend most of her time in the library researching on the magic potions, wands, wizardry skills and the evil who must not be named. He Who Must Not Be Named. When the time is right we shall look for him and administer the wizard syringe on his ass!!! Forever and ever he shall die and his castle of evil will crumble.
Last time, we went to the house of one evil creature, the fat and ugly fuck ass, his even fatter and over sized wife big ass and their son dumo ass. They were incensed when they looked at us."Listen kids no magic in my house. Do you bloody understand that. We are mango'oose people. Fuck ass was going to call the police when Rustum took my magic ass and sourced the code 123 YK and Heena repeated abramcadrabam selfinelittaneeeee. The house started to shake and all the furniture in the house came down. Poor dumb ass. He was crying and looking for his Momma and Pop as fuck ass was flown out of the window and landed in the garden. Big ass seized the hand of dumb ass and implored us to stop.
All three of us ran way from the house of the mango'oose and entered our Hogwart X press helicopter. I was curious and asked Heena to teach me the trick. At first she was reluctant and told me that she will. But for that I a've to be patient and accompany her in the library, reading on magic and wizard. Rustum was silent and didn't spoke a word during the trip.
To be continued
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