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My keyboard got fired at home. Sneaking on the office comp to write this post as I wrapped up work fourty minutes earlier which gives me enuf time to blog. Trust me, it’s damn screwy when you can’t blog at home. Me have the virtual thing but it’s quite depressing to put a long post. It’s quite tiring as well.
I almost had a frustrating week as a report. Chalked out a plan to write a multitude of stories but unfortunately it’s not happening. Except three stories on Desi Boyz, including one review. It’s pura tp and me like it. Theek hai kuch khaas nahin hai, nay sayers will argue. But, considering it’s the first outing of Rohit Dhawan, he presented an entertaining flick leaving no scope for logic. This female Chitrangadha Singh is damn gorgeous as the Economics teacher and how I wish I had such a sexy eco teacher. I would study for the whole night.
Coming back to work, I need to work out something from next week as in the future I am expected to bring 2 stories daily. Hope all ends well. Fingers crossed. Some of the stuffs didn’t worked out, though today submitted 2 stories. Well, that’s part of the sorrow @work. I am super excited for my holidays which will kick in month and looking forward for New Year bash in Goa, drinking the fenny. Super elated to visit the city of dreams and unlimited..amchi Mumbai and I gonna revisit the years down the lane. This reminds me that I need to confirm 2 days booking @ YMCA in Mumbai Central. Gotta a huge shopping list in Mumbai and Goa and on December 24, I gotta attend a rock show where a pal of mine will perform. Rock On!
Been reading and almost over with 40 rules of love. It’s a superb book with a background on Sufism and complete page turner. I strongly recommend the book to anyone and believe me it will change your lives forever. Another Coelho in the making and excellence will be an understatement to the beauty of Philosophy. It is based on the life of poet Rumi and speaks of the prejudice of mankind who easily uses religion for their end. Just google the author, people. It’s Elif Shafak. In between I am also reading something called Joys and Sorrows @Work. Title is quite tricky and was expecting something on the lines of frustration and joy. However, the author chooses to speak on different industries. Anyway, I shall post my own adaptation on the blog. It will be loosely based on ma professional life.
Watched the promos of Abhishek, Bipasha and Sonam Players. It’s amazing and looks like Abbas-Mastan are back in form. It’s damn thrilling and apparently Abhi has performed some dare devil stunts. I’m dying to watch on January 6 at E-Square plex in Pune.Looks like the week is coming to an end. We shall catch up very soon.


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