World of false pretense

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We live in difficult times as we lurch forward to pretend be someone we never was, is and never will be. Why is it so difficult to be ourselves and feels happy to be who we are? Well, that's life for some I guess!!!! There is one guy in office who we all know is gay. His attitude, the way he walks and mannerism..Not that I have a problem with that. I never had any problem with homo or lesbians and that will never happen. Living one's sexuality is the right to life and is a matter of choice.
What amuses me is how this guy hits on practically every gal in the office to an irritating level. Sure, the girls laughs back and play the pretense game, feigning their ignorance at his sexuality. What stupido ignores is that by trying to be the dude people will not notice his sexuality. Like last time he was acting funnily with a girl telling her, tell your boyfriend that our love is stronger and the other one, you didn't miss me the time you were on the trip with your husband. I feel like laughing. Dude, just be yourself and people will respect you for what you are rather than what you are not.
Someone has chosen to be gay or lesbian and it is entirely their take to live this life on their own. True, we cannot stop people from condemning someone. But, who cares as long as you lead your own life, they don't feed you. Nobody owes anyone some kinda explanation. I have nothing against people attracted to same-sex. I mean my sexual orientation differ from them but over the years I have learned to appreciate them and there are some wonderful people among the gay community.
However, what pisses me is when someone try to acts smart and shows what he's not. It can really nurture criminal tendency in me and when you over do things to show your maschism to women and try to prove that you can bed them. First of all, you are not even macho or can't bed women. So why put up this pretense? To a certain extent, our guy has created a self impression,oh! He hits on every woman who joins the office and he is damn happy and proud of this false impression that he is some kind of hunk. I dunno perhaps it boost his ego and makes him feel good. It's also a way to crave and gain an acceptance in a society in which he lives. Make no mistake bout it..This society riddled with prejudices can and will never accept you the way you are. So why try hard and just tell them to fuck off. I am What I AM!!!!! In what world some people live I don't understand. But, then not everyone have the guts to be a non-conformist.Well, I guess that's life for some.
If I could write a whole book on this guy, it should come in a dozen volumes and must be huge stuff to carry. Sometimes, if I feel like laughing my ass off I can just listen to this guy speaking. Man!!!! He speaks so much crap to the ladies and one of them brandished him as pervert. Well, his lack of confidence about himself speaks volume. He really give the impression of being despo and he could easily pass off as a sadist. I pity him and the impression he has created about himself. Get real dude!!!!
Enter person no.2: He's a senior in the office and is over 60. Basically, a comedy show who doesn't think what he speaks not once, twice, thrice or zillion times. He's got a fixation: He's the best and no one can be like him. In a sense, he's our daily dose of entertainment and a confused package of funny, anger. He tries to be cool and his ultimate aim is to hit on every new girl that joins office. Mind you, these guys are not even a quarter of his age. At one moment, he will be very angry ready to break everything and the next moment, the funniest character in the office. He always has a story to tell us. At times it can be funny but it always end up to be irritating. He's an intelligent guy but often I don't know what happens to him. He will always make trivial issue become damn serious.The fact is that he wanna give the impression to the boss and pretend that he is. He often tells us that if he wants on his own he  can bring down the government. He overacts and you gotta listen to him with a straight face or else he might think that you are not listening and he will get very angry.
I mean why why a person can get so much angry and try to show that he is the one, the boss. I mean we respect him and make him vet some work because he's the senior. Still, he is not satisfied at times. Whooa! This guy is something and when he is drunked, he acts so funny. The man wanna prove to be something he is not. Man! He can be a real maniac and sadist sometimes. This is one guy that I may not be able to forget, never ever in my life coz he is so weird, funny. It's a hard task to gauge his emotions and moods. Man! When he gets angry he can really bring the house down. The next day when he will come, he will act as if nothing ever happened.
The remarks he make on things and matters will make you laugh..of course at his own expense. After some time, he will come to your desk and narrate some  stories that happened in his village. If you are too busy, he will say,No, You have to listen it's part of your education. Once we are discussing something related to work and he told me how someone in her family run away with a guy or his nephew was sleeping with his servant and the poor wife lost her husband. Of course, there were not an iota of truth in them.
Why can't people get real? OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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