Love in times of hope

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A ray of sunlight, a glimpse of hope as the sun shines on us.
It's a beautiful day with loads of promises.
Hope never went out of the window.
Our life is built on promises and hopes.
Yet, it never went away.
It's just that we lost it when things were down.
The sunny day simply remind us that life us so beautiful.
Let's embrace life and the shimmer of glory that awaits us.
It's a beautiful life.
Love all over the place.
It's like falling in love for the first time.
As we forget all the past grudges, sporting a smile to everyone.
The whole world suddenly matters to us.
Love is the most beautiful feeling.
It makes us hopeful.
It brings a radiant smile to our face.
Spread the good vibes, energy and cheerz to the world.
They sometimes call it the malfunction of the brain.
But, without a heart how would they be able to think.
Now make them understand that a happy heart is the way to happiness and hope.

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