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Do you know the story of my lucky cap? Of course not. I've never told you bout my black cap. It's the cap that I lost several times and collected it in office. Once I left it in the company car and got it two days back and then on another day left it in the welcome lounge in the office. Someone who caught a glance of me wearing the cap gave it back to its rightful owner. That's me. Last Friday, I left it in the office and recovered it one week later. That is yesterday. And I thought I lost it forever since it was not on my desk but the desk next to me. This reinforced the belief that it's lucky for me and why not, it proved to be one lucky asset on more than one time. My prized possession.
The cap was a gift I got at Mc Donald near CST for buying a value meal. I had a choice and got the cap which was in itself a lovely gift. At that time, the first season of Khatron ke Khiladi hosted by Akshay Kumar was about to be launched and they were indulging in a promotional campaign. They associated themselves with Mc Do, Colours and Viacom 18. As I munched my filet-o-fish which was a favorite at one time and sipping Pepsi, I happily put my gift on my head and hopped on the crowded local at CST en route to Andheri. No wonder, like a kid I showed to almost everyone that matters with a spark in my eyes.
The cap has been sheltering me from the scorching sun for more than 3 years now and like a sweet angel, it protected me. Once, twice and thrice lost it found a way in my room. We all have a protecting angel and lucky cap been here for me and showed its loyalty.
He seems to be telling me, don't worry I am and will always be there to protect you. Even if I'm lost just think me and shall come to you. No, you are not allowed to shed droplets of tears for me. After all, I am your lucky charm that helps you face the challenges of life.Touché  magic hat. I christen you magic hat and I know that you will work wonder in my love life, career and money tree. We all have our lucky stripe. Just like Amitabh had his Billa 786 in Don and Coolie, dear cap you are Billa. But, I don't wanna assign a number plate to you coz you are too valueless. Giving you a number would mean reducing your value to nought. You are a member of my family and shall do everything from now to protect you and nothing on earth can and will seperate us. I shall take care of you till I exist. Everyone who try to harm you shall do so over my dead body.
We all possess things that we treausre in life. Only when the thing or person is gone from our life we realize it's woth. When you left me for your joyride I started missing you and realized your importance in my life. The days when noone wanted to shelter my silly head you were to protect me and save me from a headache. You are so selfless in this world composed of people with their own personal interests. The Lord never assigned a life and a human heart to you yet you are full of life and has a heart of gold. You keep me going and is never tired to accompany to my longest journey in life. Will you accompany me to my grave some day? Nopes buddy. You have to decide whether you wanna be with me or be the guardian angel to someone else. Our relationship is not limited to together but what lies within us.
Love you moi magic cap
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