Shaadi fixation

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Spoke to a friend after ages on phone and was so shocked when he asked me, Dude have you got married? and I was like Noooo. To which he replied, I would not be surprised coz everyone is getting married. Don't blame him as I can't understand why everyone is getting married as if there will be no tomorrow. I am not preaching anything nor I am interfering into people's personal lives nor am I advocated something on bachelor-kinda status. It's like the big marriage season is in.
I am an ineligible bachelor in my own eyes though I know for families I am quite a pataka..just joking..eligible bachelor. I remember someone coming home with some rishta and when I reached home Mom told me about that. There is a cousin of mine with whom I was chatting when he was studying medecine in Russia. Dude, since that time this guy was telling me that before he goes back to his hometown, he had already asked his momma-dearest to find a nice, decent, educated girl with Indian values. It was soooo funny. After some unsuccessful match making and meeting some gals, he finally found someone on the arranged marriage kinda fixation. His Momma no doubt was so proud of future daughter-in-law..young graduate working in a banking corporation and is studying law by distant. Wow! I'm so proud of cousin!!!!!
But, somehow I can't understand the whole marriage via shaadi kinda business. For once, I don't feel the need why i should get married so soon. Abhi mere umar kya hai, yaaar? I feel someone should get married of he or she wants to not because you are out of college, have a successful career or give a heir to your parents. And please, don't give me the shit that you are growing day by day and you shall be stepping in your late 20s or early 30s or that the time your children will step in university of life, you will be quite old. It's so shitty, traditional and conservative. I have faced it and refuse to accept it coz I live life on my own terms. That's my reality.
I can't understand how hypocrite can we get and the double standards that we display is grossly indecent and shameful. For a guy we want the domesticated girl who doesn't smoke, drink or party. she must be ready to perform prayers or rituals at home, look after ma and pa-in laws but we don't mind dating the super hot chick in town and hitting the disc every Saturday night coz we need to get laid. But,we will not accept our wife to party. We should get rid of this double standard and as a guy I am incensed when a woman who parties all night is branded a slut and the oh! You can't marry her. Abbe maderchod who are you to decide for me and I am going to sleep with her and make babies not you. Why are you so concerned about my life? It's my life and I'm quite sane to decide what is good or bad for me.
Another shocking attitude which I have encountered: If you don't marry now young girls will not marry you and what you'll get is a divorcee. So what? is it a sin that someone is a divorcee? Relationships sometimes work and sometimes doesn't and what the fuck if someone is a divorcee and may be the relationship has gone bad and one doesn't have the right to label her as a woman of low virtues. Virtues is all about ethics, honesty and integrity and not those craps as it's been present in society.
For once and all, lemme put it clear: I don't know about tomorrow but I don't believe in marriage. i would prefer to be in a live-in relationship. As it is I don't need a certificate from society to live with the woman I love and if problems crop up, we can leave it at this point. We don't need to go through all the paper works of divorce. I am being plain honest here. That's it.
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