Happy birthday, dude. Wassup?

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Celebrating your birthday, dear friend.
It seems as if everything happened yesterday.
It's been 5 years when you left all of us and went into your world.
Tears has stopped flowingas we made peace with your not being.
Still remember when I received the news that you are no more, life suddenly stopped.
It was unfair.
I was like how and why?
Life is strange and death being a part of life is stranger.
How can one explain that the person we care for is with us at one moment.
Yet, the next moment the body and flesh is no more.
Only fond memories remains.

Hey folks, today is the budday of my buddy, Sudhendhu. He is no more with us. He drowned at the Khadakvala dam in Pune. That was in 2006. How time flies!!! Today, I am recollecting the wonderful times spent together and it feels like we are having a whisky together, sharing a cup of chai and a smoke. These were the times. But, wound heals over time. One comes to terms with the absence of someone in life.
This was the time when I seriously questioned life, death and the presence of God as well. Does life really exist or it is a metaphor? The theory of existence, if holds ground doesn't need to deal unpleasant surprises to our state of being.  How do we know that we exist or ceased to exist? Does  
the air we breath is ample proof of our existence as human entities? Answers soughts.
With the passage of time, I made an effort to speak to his soul and it gives me peace. It also helped towards the realization that Sudhendhu is still presence among us. Trust me on that count, it takes away the grief.
Today it's his birthday and he would have been present among us. We wished him on Facebook and will scrap him in a while on Orkut. Spoke to him and I felt his presence and the good vibes. Once someone told me that whenever we think of the loved ones who are no more, we become closer to them and they reciprocate the feeling. Whenever, we go through turbulent phase in lfe, they send us the blessings and unexpected help. How I wish it was true! I know it's true.

Happy birthday dude.
Let's raise a toast to your well-being?
Wassup in the sky?
Neways, when the time is ripe to join you, we shall continue the much animated discussion.
Time off,buddy.

Have a blast.
Catch up soon.

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