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The count down starts. 34 days from now on I shall be in maximum city. It's been a long wait and it's worth the wait. I left Mumbai on September 22, 2007 as I bid farewell to the city of dreams. I left the city, heart broken and shattered. My heart broke on that day as tears dropped on my cheek. I had to leave the city. I needed a break, cutting me off from the local trains, yellow-and-black cabs and turned my face to love. I loved and lost. Chanda told me, ya dude do get out of the city. You need a break. Honestly, I suffered from a terrible break up and staying in the city would mean thinking of the past things that hapened to me.
In a sense it's been good. Lotsa things changed for better. I was able to surmount the heart break. I've come clean inside. I shall be in the city for a week. I can't wait to kiss Mumbai and everything that matters. I can't wait to board the local to Andheri, hang out at Churchgate, Marine Drive, Colabo. Mumbai rocks. It is the best city in the world. A city that never sleeps. I love the city and when you are not with someone that you realize its worth. Mumbai,my city, my love. A city that never cease to amaze me. Our never say die the spirit. It's amazing and intriguing how we bounce back after every bomb blast. The people are amazing. There is never a dull moment in amchi Mumbai.
I'm already making plans as to where to go on Day 1, where to eat, whom to meet. It's like running into the arms of your muse. Mumbai is my muse and shall always be. Our love is forever and ever. It is an adictive place. Since I have few days leave I shall try to do the maximum in the city and looking forward to meet old chums, make new friends and sip my Capuccino at Barrista and hang out at Bandra Bandstand. I'm back with a revenge and it's time for em to triumph in Mumbai. How things changed for me in a short span of time and shall witness the change that's happening in the city. I shall witness the fast paced life.
Do commuters still rush in the early morning to catch the local train to their workplace? Of course, they do. Do you guys still have chai at 1 a.m at Churchgate station and savour your bun with jelly. Most definitely. What kind of stupid question is that? Or the cutting chai at Rajabhai Tower, university of Mumbai and the walk from university to Colaba..the crazy run of cabbies and hordes of onlookers at Juhu Chowpathy and the coffee at CCD. These were the golden years or so I may call it. It was a crazy life in Mumbai and it's still..I'm sure for crores Mumbaikars. The struggle for a better life and to make the moolah. It's never been easy in Mumbai.
They say a life time is enough to assess the power Mumbai has over its citizens. One life is not enough to know even a third of Mumbai. Do you still recall running from one place to another to hunt for a flat in the city. SoBo..too expensive, Bandra not in the budget, Virar you can't stay and Andheri is the only decent option. It has new shopping malls budding up and the solution is always the BEST buses and the local trains if your college or workplace or film studio is located in the South or West. I still vividly remember studying in the library at Kalina campus and dashing to board the train at Santacruz, It's 8 p.m and as you juggle you way in the jam packed local, you tend to count the number of stations to reach the last stop as you are dead tired. No problem if you manage to get a seat you open your bag to read The Economic Times. As the train slowly approaches Churchgate station, you get down cautiously if you don't wanna be pushed by commuters who are waiting to enter the train. It's a crazy run. Yet! We adore the city.

It's a love-hate-love relationship we share.
Sometimes I get so fed up with you that I wanna leave everything and go.
But, only to realize how much I miss you.
Yoy are my special city.
You are mot just a city.
After all, you wear the Queen's necklace.
So vibrant, full of energy.
No wonder lakhs converge everyday to rest on your shoulder.
Like a dutiful mother you carry our burden.
We suffer in your lap yet we prosper.
Some of us finds love, while other suffer break up.
Yet, our love for you knows no limits.
As I ready myself to find solace in you,
I can't tell on the amount of excitement to be with you.
I wish that we shall unite for better and worse.
Love you my city.
My amchi Mumbai.
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